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Post #147923599 added 06-18-2021 8:49 PM by localdeals in Deal Talk
Looks like deal is dead.
Post #147888040 added 06-17-2021 9:03 AM by 4Lions in Deal Talk
Thanks OP...Got one for my laptop.
Post #147885613 added 06-17-2021 7:18 AM by megablank in Deal Talk
You can buy 6 port sata pci-e cards you know...
Post #147882193 added 06-16-2021 11:52 PM by aintaboutdislife in Deal Talk
Back in stock now on Samsung website. Plus the R cashback site that cannot be named has 15% cash back right now for Samsung.
Post #147879340 added 06-16-2021 8:02 PM by SlickDealir in Deal Talk
Really 😆
Post #147869851 added 06-16-2021 11:29 AM by geezeefosheezee in Deal Talk
As someone in the electronics industry who sees confusion around this daily: well done! This should be a sticky on every SSD thread. (And someone get this person an Expert badge for NAND mastery.)
Post #147861664 added 06-16-2021 12:05 AM by booboloo in Deal Talk
good, rewriting wikipedia is...... not a good thing.
Post #147861409 added 06-15-2021 11:39 PM by RulzMD in Deal Talk
I mean ps5 doesn’t allow you to play it from but to save it.
Post #147860503 added 06-15-2021 10:15 PM by Bobdo in Deal Talk
I think he was being facetious
Post #147860254 added 06-15-2021 9:53 PM by justanothergeek in Deal Talk
Really? Cause I'm having a tough time seeing the glaring discrepancies... https://www.techradar.com/news/nand-and-cells-slc-qlc-tlc-and-mlc-explained ...
Post #147859276 added 06-15-2021 8:47 PM by ConFu in Deal Talk
For PS4 games yes, for PS5 games no.
Post #147858988 added 06-15-2021 8:31 PM by booboloo in Deal Talk
what's what qlc is for. go look up the benchmarks, gameload on ssd is at placebo difference.
Post #147858868 added 06-15-2021 8:24 PM by Routefinder in Deal Talk
Don't listen to this guy. This guy doesn't know about SSD.
Post #147858208 added 06-15-2021 7:47 PM by RyanL in Deal Talk
What models were they? I've had several crucial ssds over the years and they've all been solid. We're they cheaper models like this Samsung one? And why wouldn't you have your 10 years of photos...
Post #147857605 added 06-15-2021 7:11 PM by FrozenBeer in Deal Talk
saw someone else posting about this on another forum.... not really sure why anybody would by 10 at a time... my PC doesn't even have more than 4 SATA ports....
Post #147857077 added 06-15-2021 6:34 PM by phantom76 in Deal Talk
Looks like deal is dead. Don't see an add to cart option, but "where to buy".
Post #147855583 added 06-15-2021 5:32 PM by i_max2k2 in Deal Talk
Is this better then the Crucial MX500 2tb for $150 a few weeks ago?
Post #147855085 added 06-15-2021 5:07 PM by LovelySuit869 in Deal Talk
Anyone having issues adding to cart? I just see "where to buy" and then I click "buy on samsung" and then it just redirects me to the same page with the "where to buy" option.
Post #147852187 added 06-15-2021 2:30 PM by zopi in Deal Talk
Excellent post. Great information. Much I knew, but now I my knowledge has been updated! Nevermind the posts that said you were verbose.. I appreciated it. In general, this drive is a good price...
Post #147851839 added 06-15-2021 2:10 PM by Ananke in Deal Talk
Yes, it's good for a gamming drive, and not good for anything else.
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