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Post #148137565 added 06-26-2021 3:27 PM by zeta in Deal Talk
Aftermarket, non-genuine ones are fine to be traded-in, from personal experience. I think one time I got rejected, and sent an email to corporate and they apologized about the incident and sent me...
Post #148124662 added 06-25-2021 7:23 PM by DOWNBYTHESEASIDE in Deal Talk
How much do you get back in rewards??
Post #148110469 added 06-25-2021 7:28 AM by inquisitive in Deal Talk
Costco for $14.99 32 count if anyone interested.
Post #148101688 added 06-24-2021 6:03 PM by Fsaeed586 in Deal Talk
I was able to price match the batteries with Walmart discounted price and use 25% coupon on top of that.
Post #148082617 added 06-23-2021 8:25 PM by DOWNBYTHESEASIDE in Deal Talk
YOU are the one that turns on the subscription. OD has never turned on subscription on anyone I can recall complaining about. Turning off the subscription is easy as going to your account page and go...
Post #148076584 added 06-23-2021 3:50 PM by TodayOnly in Deal Talk
yes, my rule of thumb is to check once a season.
Post #148076536 added 06-23-2021 3:47 PM by Starrx05 in Deal Talk
These leak!! If you leave them in slow power usage devices that do not require changing batteries often like each year, be careful. They will leak causing damage. If this occurs in flashlights with...
Post #148074553 added 06-23-2021 2:31 PM by Lilyly in Deal Talk
buy some stamps. thats the best you can do. od instore clearance isnt like the old days anymore. i hardly find anything worth to buy at their clearance section lately. or you can buy their $1.99...
Post #148074460 added 06-23-2021 2:28 PM by HorseMachine in Deal Talk
I was thinking the same thing! "FREE" reward bucks but they jacked the prices up. 28 AA Duracell on Amazon = $18.95 ($13.27 after S&S and coupon) 24 in this deal = $25.59 ($19.27 with coupon) ...
Post #148074325 added 06-23-2021 2:22 PM by judahr in Deal Talk
Ocean state job lot has 16 energizer max AA for $12.
Post #148073692 added 06-23-2021 1:55 PM by upx in Deal Talk
Did this a couple of years ago. Really hated it. Might be okay if you regularly buy many things here. I try Not to buy anything from them anymore. BEWARE of the hidden, automatic recurring...
Post #148072087 added 06-23-2021 12:51 PM by RogueTwo in Deal Talk
I checked the OD site but could not find an answer to this... Does anyone know if they have to be genuine/OEM cartridges to recycle for $2 each? I have some remanufactured Epson 302XL cartridges...
Post #148070971 added 06-23-2021 12:07 PM by tl215 in Deal Talk
Get more ink
Post #148070650 added 06-23-2021 11:53 AM by ltj in Deal Talk
Me too. Never Duracell again no matter how cheap.
Post #148070578 added 06-23-2021 11:50 AM by FChicken in Deal Talk
Have batteries always been this expensive?
Post #148070491 added 06-23-2021 11:46 AM by ms123 in Deal Talk
So say I buy this 24 pack for $19+tax. What do I use $19 for to maximize. What do you guys normally do?
Post #148070485 added 06-23-2021 11:46 AM by purple in Deal Talk
Yeah. Gave up on this a long time ago. Not worth the hassle
Post #148064434 added 06-23-2021 7:45 AM by xlnc in Deal Talk
For OD/OMX Rewards members only, there is a 30%-off coupon (89864372) expiring today 6/23.
Post #148048252 added 06-22-2021 4:39 PM by justye in Deal Talk
Some people spend more time trying to save money than making money.
Post #148018291 added 06-22-2021 1:59 AM by hrmitcrb in Deal Talk
They need a new image for the Duracell batteries -- which shows them leaking. I'm done with Duracell.
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