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Post #148092739 added 06-24-2021 11:26 AM by AmericanCarioca in Deal Talk
Well, if you feel that you are not well served with what the company offers, either by quality, variety, or price, then sure. However, the current new lineup of Z lenses alone fits my needs...
Post #148078501 added 06-23-2021 6:06 PM by az060693 in Deal Talk
I meant in terms of mirrorless glass and new optical designs. Nikon and canon are essentially first party only for those. Sigma has expressed that they only have capacity for those two mounts and...
Post #148071001 added 06-23-2021 1:08 PM by AmericanCarioca in Deal Talk
Again, this is not true, and I am not even talking about obvious manual focus lenses, whether new or old. Here is a review by the venerable Thom Hogan:...
Post #148060405 added 06-23-2021 4:32 AM by cyciumx in Deal Talk
I went crazy (went all in on Small Rig)... That being said, I just bought this recent deal posted. PD charging and a simple, no fuss digital battery read-out. No use buying more EN-EL15 batteries if...
Post #148048243 added 06-22-2021 5:38 PM by TheRealK12 in Deal Talk
I was in a similar situation. I mainly shot landscape but contemplated the Z6 for the top panel display and better video. I think I made a great choice personally with buying the z5. If you liked the...
Post #148048000 added 06-22-2021 5:32 PM by TheRealK12 in Deal Talk
I meant more so that third party glass is limited in comparison to 3rd party native mounts offered on Sony for example. I also get the use of an adapter but if you’ve invested in Sony or Canon glass...
Post #148046407 added 06-22-2021 4:47 PM by cyciumx in Deal Talk
I think you have me confused with someone else.. I quoted you once about 3rd party lenses. You were arguing with someone else and got your feelings to blind you.
Post #148043980 added 06-22-2021 3:47 PM by az060693 in Deal Talk
There are 3 pages of you being deliberately obtuse. Either reply to what people are taking the time to discuss with you or concede your point or accept that you have an inflexible viewpoint. ...
Post #148039312 added 06-22-2021 2:02 PM by cyciumx in Deal Talk
No, or else I would have A) read that or B) quoted it.
Post #148038304 added 06-22-2021 1:37 PM by az060693 in Deal Talk
That's manual focus... Did you even read my original reply. Given that both have native adapters, why would you get a Nikon to shoot canon glass, aside from manual or exotic glass. Both have...
Post #148031476 added 06-22-2021 11:08 AM by cyciumx in Deal Talk
Thats not photo stacking. Its a single 8 minute exposure. This one is 9 minutes after the sun was pretty much down.
Post #148030606 added 06-22-2021 10:50 AM by jimx200 in Deal Talk
Cool photo! Stacking? That would look great on a large 16x20 or so print on Kodak Endura paper that has a metallic look. It's hard to find in individual vs sheet. My printer won't take sheet so I...
Post #148028728 added 06-22-2021 10:07 AM by cyciumx in Deal Talk
8 Minute long exposures are a huge part of my shooting. 4.5fps is fine for me. I value dynamic range at minimum ISOs more than auto-focus, continuous shoots or high ISO artifacts. I saw videos...
Post #148028257 added 06-22-2021 9:57 AM by cyciumx in Deal Talk
This is pretty funny because there is plenty of third party glass for folks like me who like to experiment with new lenses, such as: https://www.venuslens.net/product/laowa-9mm-f-5-6-ff-rl/
Post #148027546 added 06-22-2021 9:43 AM by jimx200 in Deal Talk
The D750 is still widely used as I always see them at sporting events, wildlife shooters, etc. The $300. cost of a new shutter is reasonable. What type of photography are you doing? I handled the...
Post #148027039 added 06-22-2021 9:34 AM by cyciumx in Deal Talk
$300 + $45 Diagnostic fee That's a tough call for a camera whose shutter crossed the 300k barrier two months ago. I'm not a spray and pray kinda shooter so 4.5fps is perfectly fine.
Post #148025995 added 06-22-2021 9:15 AM by jimx200 in Deal Talk
Fix the D750 as it's still a excellent camera. Precision Camera in Sacramento will repair for very reasonable cost. Note you are giving up 2fps with the Z5 if that matters to you (sports, wildlife,...
Post #148025806 added 06-22-2021 9:09 AM by jimx200 in Deal Talk
Nikon refurbs are excellent value. That said, with the price point that you got for new, it's definitely the smart way to go since you get the full 1 year warranty vs 90 days with Nikon refurbished.
Post #148025572 added 06-22-2021 9:04 AM by az060693 in Deal Talk
The mirrorless to mirrorless ones that you mentioned... Z mount to E mount, etc. They work terribly. I stated that if you had a collection of legacy DSLR glass Canon and Nikon mirrorless make more...
Post #148021504 added 06-22-2021 7:11 AM by AmericanCarioca in Deal Talk
I quite understand. This was merely in case the main reason for choosing a Z5 was the inability to power it outside for extended periods of time. The Z6 does offer advantages over the Z5, and while...
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