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Post #148615876 added 07-21-2021 7:44 PM by rashodsmith in Hot Deals
The hose oring broke after one use so it would leak, but that was easy to replace with a hardware store run. Works good enough for car washing and cleaning up the driveway
Post #148589740 added 07-20-2021 2:06 PM by Beretta92 in Hot Deals
I just picked up one for $40.
Post #148543525 added 07-18-2021 7:36 AM by crezguy in Hot Deals
Was able to get one for $89 instead of the $69 deal. Was skeptical initially. But trust me it did the job perfectly.
Post #148440523 added 07-12-2021 7:32 PM by Jerryssss in Hot Deals
My local Walmart had this for 99. I bought one and tried to clean my car and drive way. This is the first washer i used but i feel the power is not strong enough for my need. It does clean out the...
Post #148437979 added 07-12-2021 5:03 PM by nottrollin in Hot Deals
I spent $90 for a Sun Joe SPX3000 via SD, which I think would compete a lot better with the CAT, which is generally only available through Amazon for $225. And again, I like Project Farm and...
Post #148437769 added 07-12-2021 4:52 PM by cyciumx in Hot Deals
He stated in that video all the models were chosen by viewers. So it is a good representation of what the market wants to know. Seems like the take-away is if people have $225 spend, they will buy...
Post #148419898 added 07-11-2021 7:30 PM by Dobbstopper in Hot Deals
Used a Sun Joe pressure washer like this with a surface cleaner attachment today for the driveway abd felt like I was in an infomercial for a 'better way'. If you need a pressure washer I'd strongly...
Post #148380046 added 07-09-2021 8:19 AM by SoloRanker1988 in Hot Deals
its in stock at the walmart next to my job so i might pick it up if its really for $49.99 or $69.99 but will pass on it if its $99.99. If its the hose and gun that sucks i would probably upgrade that...
Post #148378429 added 07-09-2021 7:08 AM by juggar in Hot Deals
Could not find aone anywhere so had to go buy another different brand unit at Lowes for $80. Now my sunjoe washer sits unused and worthless. Why the hell would they use a proprietary hose on...
Post #148371262 added 07-08-2021 6:40 PM by dishting_dishting in Hot Deals
My hose leaked too and couldn't find the repalcement. Now it is resting in my garage for the last 1 month. Claimed warranty couple of days ago but didn't get any reply yet. Any suggestion to source...
Post #148342045 added 07-07-2021 10:46 AM by wankawitz in Hot Deals
Good to know! Can electric deep-clean well (pavement or concrete) or is it might for light-medium jobs?
Post #148338838 added 07-07-2021 8:37 AM by hurkamur1 in Hot Deals
I'm the opposite. I went from 2 failed gas washers to electric and I'll never go back. Less maintenance and near equal performance. The electric is way less of a headache to deal with.
Post #148336129 added 07-07-2021 5:27 AM by cscamp20 in Hot Deals
Leaking where? It must be your hose.
Post #148330108 added 07-06-2021 6:08 PM by Bm335coupe in Hot Deals
Bought this same model last year to wash my cars, so far no problems.
Post #148322356 added 07-06-2021 11:10 AM by jmm1122 in Hot Deals
110%, that's why I'm sharing this cautionary tale. Like many slickdealers, I see this brand get pushed to the FP all the time and took the bait. I wouldn't even buy a $10 "Sun Joe" snow broom for my...
Post #148317238 added 07-06-2021 7:03 AM by DaChangeMaker in Hot Deals
I had this thing and all it did was leak. Useless -- got rid of it a long time ago. Recently bought the Worx power washer and am very happy with it.
Post #148310164 added 07-05-2021 6:00 PM by PanzerJeep in Hot Deals
I picked this model up a couple weeks ago at my local Walmart for $79. I’ve used it to clean our rear patio, garbage cans, and our driveway. I’ve had absolutely zero problems with it. However, when I...
Post #148309900 added 07-05-2021 5:41 PM by gyges3d in Hot Deals
It sounds like you get what you pay for. Look for a slightly more expensive model and you will get a better product.
Post #148306672 added 07-05-2021 1:59 PM by jdclayton7 in Hot Deals
I have one of these. It works great on trex, where high pressure would be a bad thing. It's so easy my wife can use it! Others have had longevity issues... I can say I've gotten well over $60 value...
Post #148305433 added 07-05-2021 12:32 PM by Dayviid in Hot Deals
I have to say from my experience, haven't had an issue and I've used it about 6 times now
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