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Post #148625032 added 07-22-2021 8:19 AM by ahself in Deal Talk
Deal is back with a new promo code: 8NZVAPOS
Post #148457035 added 07-13-2021 3:06 PM by TidalWaveOne in Deal Talk
Got mine and they are fine for the price for low-end basic speakers. If you want decent bass and/or high volume then look elsewhere. But I'm satisfied... perhaps because I kept my expectations...
Post #148450843 added 07-13-2021 10:03 AM by garwall in Deal Talk
Did it die? Price shows as 12 by default and the coupon is rejected at checkout. Ah well.
Post #148450531 added 07-13-2021 9:50 AM by TidalWaveOne in Deal Talk
What do you expect for $9? Logitech THX computer speakers with a separate subwoofer? Decent USB powered speakers can sound pretty good... unless you expect thunderous bass from them.
Post #148444933 added 07-13-2021 4:07 AM by Borfnoo in Deal Talk
USB powered. 🤔 Would be nice to remove one more wall-wart from my power strip.
Post #148438594 added 07-12-2021 5:42 PM by rkl1985 in Deal Talk
Without even trying these I can be sure they are not going to be very good no matter what. Simply for the fact they are usb powered and therefore unable to play with barely any power. Expect almost...
Post #148435174 added 07-12-2021 2:17 PM by SilentPanda in Deal Talk
I got them and replaced the Logitech ones, 2 satelites and subwoofer. Honestly that subwoofer was just extra junk and cables running around. The separate volume button was finicky and the subwoofer...
Post #148415263 added 07-11-2021 12:57 PM by The_Love_Spud in Deal Talk
Though a lot of blame is being sent to Amazon, I hadn't noticed anyone commenting about NPET flooding Slickdeals as of late. Clearly lots of very marginal brands are trying to fill in the space...
Post #148409269 added 07-11-2021 4:14 AM by adarkstar in Deal Talk
Got mine yesterday , played some games --- for the price they are great !
Post #148407313 added 07-10-2021 9:28 PM by phony in Deal Talk
Just received today and tested out. They're much better than I expected. The main reason I bought it is because it's usb powered, which is nice for computers. I had a couple of Bluetooth speakers...
Post #148402180 added 07-10-2021 1:39 PM by JMBauer74 in Deal Talk
About a year ago, I bought some cheapo speakers that have color effects for around $10. I figured if I didn't like them, I could give them to my nieces and nephews. Of course they were very flat...
Post #148401505 added 07-10-2021 12:37 PM by J.treehorn in Deal Talk
They just arrived today and I tested them out on my PC. Wasn't expecting much, but they have pretty darn good sound and the volume goes up pretty loud. Very happy I bought them for $8.50 and they...
Post #148400491 added 07-10-2021 11:12 AM by jperkin28 in Deal Talk
Best return policy in the world lol
Post #148397386 added 07-10-2021 6:59 AM by JMBauer74 in Deal Talk
What you're doing is commonly known as "using your imagination." If you bought them, then great. if you like them, then great. None of that has anything to do with what I said. In fact, I would...
Post #148393393 added 07-09-2021 8:44 PM by gadgetzilla in Deal Talk
In what situation/scenario these low low end speakers are being used? I use my better powered speakers to play low beats music while working, take zoom calls and listen to you tube music at loud...
Post #148392424 added 07-09-2021 7:30 PM by kahnkobra in Deal Talk
Lets see how they hold up, thanks OP
Post #148390930 added 07-09-2021 5:37 PM by J.treehorn in Deal Talk
I just bought them when I saw this deal with my credit card dude, haven't used them since they haven't arrived. I also haven't said if they're good or crap, but you didn't hesitate to accuse anyways....
Post #148390375 added 07-09-2021 5:01 PM by nonplus in Deal Talk
Woohoo, trash for sale! It's neat that they designed this trash to look like a set of speakers.
Post #148390180 added 07-09-2021 4:47 PM by JMBauer74 in Deal Talk
Have you bought these speakers with your own money? Have you used them? Were they exceptionally good?
Post #148390045 added 07-09-2021 4:39 PM by J.treehorn in Deal Talk
So I'm a shill? Fine lol. Who do I give my PayPal info to to get paid?
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