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Post #148830409 added 08-01-2021 3:24 AM by LEOMHK1.0 in Deal Talk
No problem... bring your own !!
Post #148830406 added 08-01-2021 3:24 AM by LEOMHK1.0 in Deal Talk
Yeah... by the time that you get there they should be able to upgrade you to Lambda variant!!:cool:
Post #148783069 added 07-29-2021 11:18 AM by Esente in Deal Talk
I'm from Houston, and I approve.
Post #148779127 added 07-29-2021 8:39 AM by vabruno in Deal Talk
Looks like this deal is SOLD OUT
Post #148773529 added 07-29-2021 12:53 AM by Yanlinova in Deal Talk
Want to travel,Since October 19, I have not been out to travel.,help the deal is on while i plan to travel
Post #148772794 added 07-28-2021 10:46 PM by dplane in Deal Talk
I wish I would have read your comment about 10 years ago before I became a domesticated old fart. Now I'm just biding my time for one of my kids to be old enough and do this with their (by that time)...
Post #148770160 added 07-28-2021 7:13 PM by humblehype in Deal Talk
If you look on google maps this is in Mae Rim which is in Chiang Mai province, but not in Chiang Mai city. It looks to be about a 45 min drive to Chiang Mai. Almost an hour to the Airport.
Post #148762126 added 07-28-2021 11:55 AM by fluker7 in Deal Talk
They did 7-day quarantine for fully vaccinated or 10 days for not vaccinated back in April. Right now everyone has to do 14 days which was what I did back in June.
Post #148761988 added 07-28-2021 11:49 AM by fluker7 in Deal Talk
Well if you’re referring to an area yes I guess Chiangmai is part of the golden triangle. If you’re referring to a place then it’s definitely in Chiangrai where the three countries meet. No one will...
Post #148761478 added 07-28-2021 11:27 AM by LegendKillR66 in Deal Talk
What about the devil's triangle :-P
Post #148759906 added 07-28-2021 10:04 AM by lookitskelvin in Deal Talk
Absolutely this. I have traveled around the world and what is sad is that this way of thinking is unfortunately something that is way of thinking is worldwide in rural parts. It feels very...
Post #148759159 added 07-28-2021 9:23 AM by unitike in Deal Talk
If you’re in a place in the US where the majority of the people care which state that you’re from then you’re probably not someplace worth visiting.
Post #148758526 added 07-28-2021 8:54 AM by lookitskelvin in Deal Talk
Its 11 days, but its ever changing.
Post #148758475 added 07-28-2021 8:52 AM by lookitskelvin in Deal Talk
Its located here on google maps btw https://urlhasbeenblocked/maps/WHh821GVRaG1Xemx8 its name is in thai so you cant find it when you type it in english
Post #148758067 added 07-28-2021 8:32 AM by davedumontier in Deal Talk
What a ridiculous post. From someone with a home in Chiang Mai.
Post #148753240 added 07-27-2021 9:25 PM by flynreelow in Deal Talk
which flyover state do you live in?
Post #148753183 added 07-27-2021 9:21 PM by bloodshot2k in Deal Talk
I know many locals in Thailand. You would be a total idiot to even think about going to Thailand now or near future.
Post #148753168 added 07-27-2021 9:19 PM by bloodshot2k in Deal Talk
If you dont mind surrounded by one of the dumbest people in the World go to Thailand. Thailand is way overrated.
Post #148751794 added 07-27-2021 7:38 PM by CrimsonTent3215 in Deal Talk
Is there any extra cost?
Post #148751632 added 07-27-2021 7:28 PM by markng25 in Deal Talk
I think you have been talking to the wrong type of people. I like people from California and believe more than half of voters do.
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