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Post #148601542 added 07-21-2021 7:24 AM by funkmasterta in Deal Talk
I have been able to reuse the sushi restaurant chopsticks that you snap in half multiple times. They are actually quite durable and washable. They just don't look fancy.
Post #148601368 added 07-21-2021 7:15 AM by SmilingAlpaca108 in Deal Talk
They have some clear coat on them which flakes off. You’ll surely be eating whatever that is, polyurethane or whatever. Save money on chopsticks so you can pay for your chemo.
Post #148600837 added 07-21-2021 6:51 AM by SmilingAlpaca108 in Deal Talk
First of all, Koreans do in fact predominately use metal chopsticks. Furthermore, all Asian cultures use spoons for rice. If you are eating quick street food, sometimes they won’t give a spoon which...
Post #148600741 added 07-21-2021 6:46 AM by SmilingAlpaca108 in Deal Talk
You are doing it right. Even more responsible would be to buy bamboo chopsticks and just wash them. Disposable chopsticks typically come in plastic bags which is bad for the environment.
Post #148600705 added 07-21-2021 6:44 AM by SmilingAlpaca108 in Deal Talk
By the way, I bought this exact set a few months ago and I can tell you that you should not use them. The plastic coating on the wooden chopsticks peels off, only you don’t know where it’s getting...
Post #148600630 added 07-21-2021 6:40 AM by SmilingAlpaca108 in Deal Talk
We are in a world where truthful statements are down voted. I don’t know who those idiots are that down voted you but your statement is factually correct.
Post #148574965 added 07-19-2021 7:27 PM by stuart9682 in Deal Talk
The SS ones make decent sounding rods
Post #148555027 added 07-18-2021 8:15 PM by jaymez619 in Deal Talk
Maybe they assume you don’t use chopsticks or they weren’t really Chinese restaurants. *sarcasm*
Post #148554928 added 07-18-2021 8:07 PM by DontTaxBeer in Deal Talk
every chinese food takeout i've had always provided plastic forks and spoons, never chop sticks.
Post #148554583 added 07-18-2021 7:40 PM by G37 in Deal Talk
Man who catch fly with chopstick, accomplish anything.
Post #148554193 added 07-18-2021 7:07 PM by CollegeRamenEat in Deal Talk
Lots of people posturing and throwing sweeping generalizations out there. I use wood and melamine chopsticks and I’m Chinese, and I also jumped on this deal.
Post #148554100 added 07-18-2021 7:00 PM by areosk in Deal Talk
Buy fiberglass chopsticks. They are better than bamboo, stainless steel or wood ones.
Post #148554085 added 07-18-2021 6:59 PM by sjbehr in Deal Talk
Not sure if any one has mentioned this yet: They're no longer $4.99, now $5.99
Post #148553932 added 07-18-2021 6:51 PM by xxaznvtguyxx in Deal Talk
Cheap coated chopsticks are like cheap non-stick pans, don't do it.
Post #148553590 added 07-18-2021 6:31 PM by lordcornholio in Deal Talk
Screw stainless steel and bamboo. Buy titanium! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FVKCCVR
Post #148553584 added 07-18-2021 6:31 PM by shareisgood in Deal Talk
This is not true. Many Chinese, me included, do use stainless chopsticks. You need some time to get used to it.
Post #148553494 added 07-18-2021 6:24 PM by SantoGold in Deal Talk
Actually Korean people use metal chopsticks. And it's not easy to eat noodles with metal chopsticks.
Post #148553449 added 07-18-2021 6:20 PM by FenrirCo in Deal Talk
Induction uses a special formula of stainless to be magnetic and corrosion resistant and food safe. There are also other "high quality" grades of stainless that are magnetic, but when it comes to...
Post #148553419 added 07-18-2021 6:18 PM by lordcornholio in Deal Talk
I have metal stainless steel chopsticks from another brand and they’re great. They’re dishwasher friendly, hollow/lightweight and will last you a lifetime, or at least until you move and lose them. ...
Post #148553296 added 07-18-2021 6:09 PM by SiennaRoute145 in Deal Talk
No stains or discoloration on the stainless steel or wood.
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