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Post #148634776 added 07-22-2021 5:08 PM by kenyee in Deal Talk
this is actually pretty cheap. 4K OLED screen 8 core processor 3080 GPU has two mem slots and two NVME slots
Post #148598935 added 07-21-2021 4:24 AM by Peerless_Warrior in Deal Talk
Slick deals is all about spending those savings and stim checks! 🤑
Post #148598836 added 07-21-2021 4:10 AM by StrategyFreak in Deal Talk
RAM is fully upgradeable with 2 slots, this configuration should be a 2x8 GB so just swap in your new preferred kit. Older generations used to have a 16GB stick occupying one of the slots, which was...
Post #148585312 added 07-20-2021 10:17 AM by willnpc in Deal Talk
Good lord that’s expensive, get a year or two old model and save huge on places like eBay, not in less you’re super rich I guess...but Isn’t saving money though what Slickdeals is all about? But I’m...
Post #148581643 added 07-20-2021 7:07 AM by jk0124 in Deal Talk
Is the ram soldered or is it upgradeable? Is the hard drive upgradeable?
Post #148572484 added 07-19-2021 5:12 PM by ghostfreckle in Deal Talk
Thanks for explaining. :)
Post #148571914 added 07-19-2021 4:35 PM by MichaelS3865 in Deal Talk
Wawah wewah!
Post #148570567 added 07-19-2021 3:14 PM by Peerless_Warrior in Deal Talk
Dang. That's more than a generational leap in performance, yet it's reasonable due to power differences. I think I'll wait for a 3070/80 desktop with the gap being that wide.
Post #148570441 added 07-19-2021 3:08 PM by mattheww1024 in Deal Talk
I think the issue is that some people are assuming that the difference would be similar to how the mobile and desktop rtx 20- series compared, with about a 10-15% difference. But there was only a...
Post #148569640 added 07-19-2021 2:22 PM by mrintro in Deal Talk
Yea I hope people know that 3080 laptop is no where near the desktop version.
Post #148568752 added 07-19-2021 1:32 PM by d0gbert in Deal Talk
Note that Gigabyte's 3080 is equivalent to desktop's 2080. You'd be better off looking for a higher TDP 3070 laptop without the rebate.
Post #148568713 added 07-19-2021 1:30 PM by mattheww1024 in Deal Talk
No there’s a vast difference between the rtx desktop and rtx mobile gpu and that’s when comparing a full powered mobile rtx 3080 and not this weaker version. Most testing has put the rtx desktop...
Post #148568548 added 07-19-2021 1:22 PM by TristianX in Deal Talk
How is the thermal throttling on this?
Post #148563145 added 07-19-2021 9:51 AM by mbze430 in Deal Talk
tempting but I need it for gaming so... I want the higher TGP 3080.
Post #148562473 added 07-19-2021 9:22 AM by Suryasis in Deal Talk
May be one of the aspects but mostly what we mean by content creation are: - Video Editing in high resolution, using professional grade filters, from raw video files or very large files. These...
Post #148562095 added 07-19-2021 9:04 AM by galannyc in Deal Talk
Post #148560814 added 07-19-2021 7:58 AM by AlexA9400 in Deal Talk
Overpriced? 3080, OLED? Do your research before commenting.
Post #148559401 added 07-19-2021 6:48 AM by ghostfreckle in Deal Talk
Serious question: What “content” do people use this to create? Making video games?
Post #148558888 added 07-19-2021 6:11 AM by Redflyer in Deal Talk
Thin and light tells you everything you need to know. That 3080 ax-q won't help you any if this thing overheats and throttles. The specs are nice to have but in this design chasis are ultimately...
Post #148558438 added 07-19-2021 5:29 AM by mrintro in Deal Talk
You guys are loaded! Overpriced gaming machine.
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