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Post #148793926 added 07-29-2021 9:53 PM by BobbyLikeDeal in Hot Deals
wow, amazing!
Post #148784764 added 07-29-2021 12:34 PM by tominct in Hot Deals
Simple truth is 90% of people will not notice any watch and a junk $5 quartz watch keeps better time. That said I like mechanical watches. For me Its about craftsmanship
Post #148766521 added 07-28-2021 3:45 PM by ThatsMoney in Hot Deals
I have 2 Glycine, one pre Invicta and one during Invicta. The newer units, while looking great in pictures leaves a lot to be desired. With that said, for a sub $500 watch not bad. Would still get a...
Post #148758220 added 07-28-2021 8:40 AM by Big0range in Hot Deals
Exactly. Rose gold you polish up and keep shiny. Bronze shouldn't be polished - it's intended to gain a patina providing each watch a unique look.
Post #148756009 added 07-28-2021 5:56 AM by littlefrank in Hot Deals
It says 'white' here, but it looks 'silver' - and specs on the Glycine site also say 'silver'. https://www.ashford.com/glycine-gl0286.html
Post #148755781 added 07-28-2021 5:34 AM by deniboy2br in Hot Deals
I like this one ... https://www.ashford.com/glycine-gl0359.html
Post #148754467 added 07-28-2021 12:46 AM by Lseamg in Hot Deals
I'm all about traditional timepieces and don't wear a smart watch personally but this is some clown shit to say. Definitely old man yells at cloud vibes
Post #148753174 added 07-27-2021 9:20 PM by Shake-N-Bake in Hot Deals
Smart watches can’t compare to actual timepieces. I’ve never seen a good looking smart watch. Imagine wearing one with a suit. It would ruin it. If I had someone come in for an interview and they...
Post #148752913 added 07-27-2021 8:55 PM by Jolie1516 in Hot Deals
I dont like this color
Post #148752349 added 07-27-2021 8:13 PM by wrswldo in Hot Deals
There's nothing funny about a young teens first love and finally finding a place where she belongs. #TeamEdward4life J/K Thumbs up and repped, I've passed on every watch deal I've seen but I do...
Post #148750228 added 07-27-2021 5:48 PM by LordBusiness in Hot Deals
​ I don't see a silver version. Can you provide a link?
Post #148749709 added 07-27-2021 5:08 PM by PedroR in Hot Deals
horrible case color
Post #148749586 added 07-27-2021 4:59 PM by jvin in Hot Deals
Cool story bro
Post #148749403 added 07-27-2021 4:47 PM by jvt1976 in Hot Deals
What an awful take. Smart watch has a 1-2 year life, a nice watch you have for life. It's really a males main jewelry so while it's not necessary since when are rings and bracelets necessary
Post #148747672 added 07-27-2021 2:54 PM by PoorFatKid in Hot Deals
What's a pager?
Post #148747420 added 07-27-2021 2:38 PM by SlickForYou in Hot Deals
1350 msrp 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Post #148746844 added 07-27-2021 2:02 PM by JohnRambo in Hot Deals
So tactical
Post #148746805 added 07-27-2021 2:00 PM by littlefrank in Hot Deals
It looks like a good deal for us old guys! I don't know if it qualifies for the SD rebate, but I got the silver version for a more 'classic' look.
Post #148746184 added 07-27-2021 1:30 PM by ehsanw311 in Hot Deals
This what they will always say... it'll never happen....my watch will outlast 100000 smartwatches.
Post #148746034 added 07-27-2021 1:22 PM by ChintzyNips in Hot Deals
These retail prices are funnier than Dave Chappelle, Bill Burr, and Twilight combined!
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