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Post #150373942 added 10-18-2021 10:13 AM by Will_Sawyer in Hot Deals
If i show my local Lowes (who is not currently running the deal) the VA listing, will they price match it?
Post #149504338 added 09-05-2021 11:45 AM by nottrollin in Hot Deals
Got one for $55 in San Jose today. They're way up in the overhead bins so take the item # with you.
Post #149064877 added 08-13-2021 2:36 AM by minidragon in Hot Deals
Repped, 🙏 Thanks OP. Picked one for installing some floors.
Post #149055574 added 08-12-2021 2:25 PM by ThomasJ72 in Hot Deals
I’ll use the 16 for inside finish work. I just used it to nail down some stair treads (nice oak that I didn’t want huge holes). When reading reviews I did see some people comment that they used it...
Post #149030344 added 08-11-2021 2:36 PM by hleapha in Hot Deals
I will heed your warning. If I can grab it for $70 or so, I'll probably just get it and test it out. If I don't like it return or sell. What type of work would you use the 16 ga for? I guess that's...
Post #149023375 added 08-11-2021 10:36 AM by ThomasJ72 in Hot Deals
Yea… I use the Dewalt 18 brad nailer cordless… and it’s been great, it’s just a bit light on strength. I have a pneumatic 15 gauge which is far stronger (full head)… but much more of a pain to set...
Post #149023234 added 08-11-2021 10:30 AM by hleapha in Hot Deals
I am considering the 16 gauge nailer - I have an air 18 ga and brad nailer - obviously cordless is preferred. I really want the framing nailer but it hasn't dropped. I got the little V20 140 lumen...
Post #149021134 added 08-11-2021 9:42 AM by ThomasJ72 in Hot Deals
Yea… I’ve been in the Dewalt ecosystem for quite a while, and have a lot of tools, including some of the 60v ones. But when my drill/driver started billowing smoke, I happened to catch the $99 deal...
Post #149020870 added 08-11-2021 9:35 AM by hleapha in Hot Deals
I picked it up as well a few days back - still had an $85 sale label but rang up as $56. I love the tooless attachment changing. I wish the V20 line expanded even more - loving getting into this...
Post #148987789 added 08-09-2021 5:51 PM by ThomasJ72 in Hot Deals
Picked this up today. Happened to be driving by one of the locations that Brickseek said had some at $55. The price label on the shelf said it was more ($100 I think)… but it rang up as $55.
Post #148902973 added 08-04-2021 6:19 PM by BraveFeather984 in Hot Deals
Yeah, I've been seeing that also. The closest store to me though is still an hour away.
Post #148902589 added 08-04-2021 5:56 PM by skwishbot in Hot Deals
just hit $55.xx for one of my stores today.
Post #148742473 added 07-27-2021 11:08 AM by hleapha in Hot Deals
I wish there was a more comprehensive inventory scanning tool than what BS currently offers. I have seen in the past some SD postings where it appears someone has created a script that can export a...
Post #148737748 added 07-27-2021 8:17 AM by BraveFeather984 in Hot Deals
Honestly I was wondering myself after purchasing it if I should have waited a bit longer. It's possible I may take a gamble and return it in hopes price it drops further. It's an item that is more of...
Post #148720189 added 07-26-2021 8:42 AM by hleapha in Hot Deals
Thanks for posting. I saw a few at the $83 price point in SC, but curious if anyone is finding deeper discounts in other areas.
Post #148687840 added 07-24-2021 5:52 PM by BraveFeather984 in Hot Deals
$55.57 this may still be more prevalent than price reduction indicated below though. 9/16/21-Further price reduction-Abingdon VA Lowe's #2974 listing @ $38.17 with 5 in stock per brickseek...

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