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Post #149204689 added 08-20-2021 2:33 PM by danomoseley in Deal Talk
I'm pretty sure "the hack" will still work in store. I did it today with the grinder, which is the same deal as this.
Post #149158843 added 08-18-2021 11:27 AM by PeterC9972 in Deal Talk
live again, no heck though...
Post #149111272 added 08-15-2021 9:54 PM by issaquah in Deal Talk
Thanks again. This tool is impressive. Loosened lugnuts, axle nut, and caliper bracket bolts on 2012 suburban.
Post #149010634 added 08-10-2021 9:01 PM by Accster in Deal Talk
Yep, looks dead. I'm not showing the 5ah battery promo anymore.
Post #149009059 added 08-10-2021 6:57 PM by AoeROR in Deal Talk
Looks like it's dead for me, can't add a free item anymore ...
Post #148981762 added 08-09-2021 12:07 PM by SantoGold in Deal Talk
Yeah, some of us are already have Milwaukee tools already from the previous deals. I got the Fuel Surge Impact Driver a few months ago for $199 with XC 5.0 and CP 2.0 battery with charger promotional...
Post #148959697 added 08-08-2021 12:15 AM by AoeROR in Deal Talk
This is good if you already have the battery or already have other tools in the platform, otherwise what the heck LOL if I have the impact wrench for $134 then what, how do I use without battery????...
Post #148944505 added 08-06-2021 9:03 PM by KMan in Deal Talk
Yes, it's a C3, LiOn-powered. It's a decent tool, just not enough for the toughest tasks.
Post #148943560 added 08-06-2021 7:50 PM by FuschiaScene411 in Deal Talk
I appreciate it. Yes, it was quite sickening to see everything gone through and stuff missing.
Post #148943320 added 08-06-2021 7:25 PM by EfficientMoney505 in Deal Talk
Care to back up this statement with a link?
Post #148943221 added 08-06-2021 7:16 PM by china_town in Deal Talk
Already ordered the similar Ridgid wrench that comes with battery and charger (with 3-year warranty and LSA on everything) for only about $25 more after tax, so I can't justify getting this one as...
Post #148942597 added 08-06-2021 6:24 PM by JBL79 in Deal Talk
People are terrible... sorry it happened to you. I had to deal with burglary once and it's not even the items lost that matters but that someone went through your personal belongings. Most of the...
Post #148941988 added 08-06-2021 5:29 PM by FuschiaScene411 in Deal Talk
It may be unnecessary, but my point is the transitive property: if even a 2767 is usable for removing lug nuts on a car, then this is certainly fine for it. I currently don’t have a mid-torque...
Post #148939693 added 08-06-2021 2:39 PM by kkmoslehpour in Deal Talk
Is there a deal for the M18 charger? I’m actually looking for both the wrench and the battery, but the battery doesn’t come with the charger right? Edit: never mind I have the charger that works...
Post #148937482 added 08-06-2021 1:08 PM by rajeshDa in Deal Talk
What’s the hack?
Post #148937389 added 08-06-2021 1:05 PM by trkndude299 in Deal Talk
There's always that one stubborn sob that wont come off. I broke a 15/16th wheel stud and watched the tech start with a 2767 to remove the wheel nuts. It loosened about half the nuts. Switched to...
Post #148931191 added 08-06-2021 8:38 AM by Accster in Deal Talk
OK, understood now. When you jumped in I was only talking about the appropriate/capable impact gun for car wheel lugs, where FusciaScene411 told wake09 he uses the High-Torque impact on car wheels...
Post #148926775 added 08-06-2021 5:57 AM by SantoGold in Deal Talk
I'm not talking about lug nuts off tires, I'm talking about nuts off of the other parts of the vehicle body. I never needed an impact for wheel lug nuts.
Post #148924996 added 08-06-2021 12:49 AM by Accster in Deal Talk
I live in a heavily salted snow state and took the heavily rusted lugs off one of my vehicles, which is a 29 year old Ford that hasn't had its tires/rims off in ages. I can't speak to your Nitrocat...
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