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Post #150061690 added 10-02-2021 6:55 PM by 91LT250R in Hot Deals
This or the 15.6" version and why? I know there's the screen size, overall size and weight difference, but I'm mostly going to be using mine around the house as a second computer that will go...
Post #149271904 added 08-24-2021 12:58 PM by jojomexi in Hot Deals
I drove 4 hours to pick one up that Walmart kindly reserved for me over the phone and on my way back brickseek updated the Walmart closets to me had limited stock lol. Was a little annoyed but the...
Post #149214094 added 08-21-2021 8:15 AM by SmilingMoney2428 in Hot Deals
deleted. wrong thread
Post #149210896 added 08-20-2021 10:36 PM by pokegaard in Hot Deals
Yes, it does.
Post #149209180 added 08-20-2021 7:41 PM by GnarlsFarls in Hot Deals
Looking for a good gaming laptop but don't know too much. Is this a good deal?
Post #149182765 added 08-19-2021 12:43 PM by frugality777 in Hot Deals
Does this have a mux switch?
Post #149098924 added 08-15-2021 7:06 AM by pokegaard in Hot Deals
2x 2280. I can post pictures if you'd like.
Post #149062840 added 08-12-2021 9:14 PM by pstineme in Hot Deals
I'm confused by the specs on it. Are there two M.2 PCIe 2280 SSD slots or is one a 2240 only. It appears to me that the 1TB drive is the 2280 and the other can only be a 2240. Pictures of the...
Post #149060347 added 08-12-2021 6:51 PM by pokegaard in Hot Deals
2x8. See my post for further details
Post #149058580 added 08-12-2021 5:13 PM by GreenSwing404 in Hot Deals
Legion 5 pro still a better buy, but solid deal none the less
Post #149049160 added 08-12-2021 10:49 AM by BluddSimple in Hot Deals
Anyone know if the memory is 1x16gb or is it actually 2x8gb?
Post #149005840 added 08-10-2021 3:53 PM by CHUWANT in Hot Deals
And yea, Walmart foolishly says QHD and makes no mention of their differentiating feature anywhere in its product detail page or photos. But the unicorn is 2560x1600. Don't nobody try and tell them...
Post #149005786 added 08-10-2021 3:51 PM by CHUWANT in Hot Deals
Not at current gouged prices, but lenovo has tons os 16:9 skus distributed worldwide that they need to move. The extraordinary appeal of the 16" iteration of the "Legion 5 Pro Gen 6" at Walnart,...
Post #148957549 added 08-07-2021 7:56 PM by RickV6628 in Hot Deals
I’ve had mine for about two weeks now and I’m really happy. Finding 17” gaming laptops on sale turned out to be harder than I thought, at least with the specs I wanted.
Post #148946671 added 08-07-2021 5:05 AM by SmilingMoney2428 in Hot Deals
My ship date got updated to 8/20/21, from 11/30/21. Keeping my fingers crossed.
Post #148945243 added 08-06-2021 10:49 PM by BeigeBook8485 in Hot Deals
Just checked and it's out of stock. And yes, same price but this deal is a 17 inch which is significantly larger than a normal 15 inch. About 25% more screen of that of any 15.6'', but again, depend...
Post #148944310 added 08-06-2021 8:43 PM by phsni in Hot Deals
This or Walmart ASUS ROG Strix G513 R9? https://www.walmart.com/ip/seort/414650603?comm-msg-vehicle=EMAIL&comm-msg-id=d1f9e09e-89bc-4a24-96d7-562c44c28eb6 Same price but Asus got better CPU,...
Post #148889941 added 08-04-2021 7:59 AM by pokegaard in Hot Deals
What 'crazy shipping time'? They shipped next day. (I ordered on 7/20. Shipped 7/21.) The Pro has a QHD/1440p screen. I went with this deal for a few reasons: 1) It's readily available. 2)...
Post #148883365 added 08-03-2021 9:19 PM by flatlight in Hot Deals
It was as low as $1070 with a 3070 but November ship date.
Post #148881622 added 08-03-2021 7:27 PM by thedavidk in Hot Deals
The Pro is a 4k screen and generally has a 3070 (but can be a 3060). It's also more expensive and unavailable. It's a 16" screen
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