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Post #149188927 added 08-19-2021 6:18 PM by cr-vtec in Hot Deals
I got my Fold 2 today, but didn't get any email about sending in the trade-in. Checking order status shows redeemed, but no trade-in info/label either. Nothing in the box. I recall Samsung...
Post #149072626 added 08-13-2021 11:56 AM by moctezumax in Hot Deals
Why would I trade in a better phone (Note 10) for a gimmick?
Post #149051179 added 08-12-2021 11:47 AM by harish.nadipalli in Hot Deals
Thats nice. What discounts did you apply?
Post #149050549 added 08-12-2021 11:25 AM by sleeping in Hot Deals
Well, i canceled fold 2. Fold 3 with same trade-in came to $400 more and $200 credit. :confuse3:
Post #149038216 added 08-11-2021 9:50 PM by harish.nadipalli in Hot Deals
Im on the same boat. If I cancel Fold2 and order Fold3, I may need to shell out another $600 extra although I might get free accessories worth $100.
Post #149029735 added 08-11-2021 2:06 PM by sleeping in Hot Deals
Do you guys think Fold 2 or Fold 3 is better value with same trade-in? The Fold 3 seems to have same spec as Fold 2, except pen and water resistance. I can still cancel my Fold 2 purchase.
Post #149008432 added 08-10-2021 6:15 PM by zippybing in Hot Deals
darn - went to order this as a backup in case I don't want the zfold 3 and samsung now says it's no longer available. sold out.
Post #148972756 added 08-08-2021 9:40 PM by nsayed in Hot Deals
Use the drop-down menu. The S21 series is there but oddly low trade in value.
Post #148972582 added 08-08-2021 9:28 PM by harish.nadipalli in Hot Deals
Ordered one by trading my note 20 ultra 5g and s10e. Total was $174 + tax. I'll cancel the order if Fold3 has similar trade in values as phone won't be shipped until Aug 25th.
Post #148950697 added 08-07-2021 10:25 AM by Peerless_Warrior in Hot Deals
The gf has no money! :shake:
Post #148934173 added 08-06-2021 10:37 AM by RofSilk in Hot Deals
Had to jump on this deal, swapped my N10+ and a S10 and edu discount for 1100 + in credit. Phone gonna cost me 300 total incl tax. Not too shabby
Post #148927135 added 08-06-2021 6:23 AM by Mydiscover in Hot Deals
Ask your GF to buy you a new phone. It's even better then my deal. It would be for free as it was her fault. :lmao::lmao::lmao:
Post #148924480 added 08-05-2021 11:04 PM by NSTar in Hot Deals
waiting for the fold 3. I need a new phone. I may also jump to the iphone ship for the first time.
Post #148923040 added 08-05-2021 8:37 PM by nick_isoprime in Hot Deals
Where did ya get a note 20 ultra for $250? Gf broke mine last week and a new screen is more than that.
Post #148921738 added 08-05-2021 7:19 PM by superslickz in Hot Deals
I think if anything, the trade in value when buying a fold3 will go up, especially the higher end phones. That's usually the case to offset the non-discounted retail debut price of the phone. ...
Post #148921195 added 08-05-2021 6:48 PM by DetroitKingz in Hot Deals
Yes, but there would be so much more to factor in than just the trade in value of the Fold2. For example, if I were to purchase this Fold2, the trade in values of my Note 20 Ultra is $850 and my s9...
Post #148905964 added 08-04-2021 10:36 PM by superslickz in Hot Deals
i was somewhat basing on someone else saying last time for the fold2, the fold1 got 800. I am estimating 850 to be conservative. Fold2 trade in would have to be like 1150 or 1200 for it to even be...
Post #148905898 added 08-04-2021 10:26 PM by DetroitKingz in Hot Deals
I appreciate you trying to do the math but there's a whole lot of unknowns regarding the trade in values when the fold3 is released (including what the trade in value will be for a fold2). I think...
Post #148905460 added 08-04-2021 9:34 PM by superslickz in Hot Deals
I tried to do some math to see if it is better to trade in now for fold 2 and then again for fold 3. I don't think the math makes sense. I have a note 10+ and S8. I am not going to take epp into...
Post #148905322 added 08-04-2021 9:22 PM by FuschiaScene411 in Hot Deals
So, they’re giving you zero bonus for trading in a phone. Lol. Shit deal
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