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Post #150059053 added 10-02-2021 6:34 PM by ToolDeals in Hot Deals
$31.57 is what I saw most everywhere, but sometimes there is an in store manager special once these go non-stock. There is a methodology to the price tags and date, that once you learn how to read,...
Post #150050704 added 10-02-2021 11:06 AM by shadowarachh in Hot Deals
Yeah, I turned it on and right back off like a dummy! When it came time to actually use it, no bueno.
Post #150050512 added 10-02-2021 10:52 AM by Lilyly in Hot Deals
agree. i'll give it a try if its $23 and is corded without a battery. however, i think op just wanted to get some attention. its $31 almost everywhere.
Post #150050491 added 10-02-2021 10:50 AM by Lilyly in Hot Deals
it took you longer than 10 seconds to post the previous "impressive" conslusion.
Post #150050473 added 10-02-2021 10:48 AM by Lilyly in Hot Deals
can we just plug it in the outlet without the battery?
Post #150050323 added 10-02-2021 10:38 AM by shadowarachh in Hot Deals
Update. Doesnt work. Turns on super bright for about 10 seconds then shuts off. Battery is fully charged. Sheesh
Post #149664457 added 09-14-2021 12:19 PM by SpecialFX99 in Hot Deals
If brickseek is right plenty in stock in and around Greenville, SC right now for the $31 price
Post #149641951 added 09-13-2021 10:31 AM by shadowarachh in Hot Deals
So I had a 2ah battery from a hedge trimmer I never use. Picked this up since I'm a flashlight junkie. This thing is BRIGHT. Initial impressions are good. Now to decide if I want to flip the $120...
Post #149525491 added 09-06-2021 5:46 PM by ToolDeals in Hot Deals
Compared to Milwaukee and DeWalt lights, Ryobi and Kobalt work lights are cheap at regular price. Too bad Kobalt did not make this more universal to use with their 18 and 40v batteries, but the...
Post #149522233 added 09-06-2021 2:09 PM by brotherhpj41 in Hot Deals
full price for me too
Post #149519674 added 09-06-2021 11:40 AM by TealLeopard348 in Hot Deals
All show full price near me, but great price for a great light.
Post #149519104 added 09-06-2021 11:09 AM by BrettS in Hot Deals
I just picked one of these up. My Lowes had at least four or five left and brickseek was showing a lot of stock at other stores in my area. I’ve already got a 40V battery and charger from another...
Post #149516098 added 09-06-2021 8:07 AM by gullzway in Hot Deals
May check this out later today. What's up with the Item page descriptions. It's a 40V 2000 lumen light that says this in the Overview "OVERVIEW With 2500 lumens and 5K color temperature of...
Post #149515363 added 09-06-2021 7:11 AM by CleanFreak in Hot Deals
$31 .57 near me but still a good deal and availability
Post #149514622 added 09-06-2021 5:40 AM by BraveFeather984 in Hot Deals
Widely available in store only. -Bare tool- Use either 40v battery or corded 120V More commonly $31.57 which is still a decent price. ...

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