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Post #150178693 added 10-08-2021 12:11 AM by SlickEnough in Deal Talk
Yupe, definitely jealous with capital J.
Post #149913928 added 09-26-2021 4:00 PM by Switching2Geico in Deal Talk
Let me guess. You live in colorado?
Post #149897146 added 09-25-2021 6:26 PM by JuniorMintsInc in Deal Talk
Of what? Your homeless take over? Ridiculously high cost of living? 4-5 dollar gas prices? That fact that you only have summer and slightly cooler summer (Summer sucks, I like to snowboard/ski and...
Post #149858269 added 09-23-2021 4:56 PM by geoffkin in Deal Talk
Don't come if you're unvaccinated or don't want to wear a mask around others.
Post #149836747 added 09-22-2021 7:07 PM by SmileBeHappy in Deal Talk
Un-vaccinated people are welcomed in most/majority places in San Diego. Vaccinated and Un-vaccinated please be responsible and courtesy. Everyone is welcomed in San Diego and all California.
Post #149835373 added 09-22-2021 5:55 PM by SlickEnough in Deal Talk
Jealous much?
Post #149818420 added 09-21-2021 9:44 PM by kitkat1 in Deal Talk
I mean Globalist is Hyatt brand and this is Hilton. Hilton has diamond. Your Hyatt card will work with Hilton? They are different brands
Post #149811025 added 09-21-2021 3:01 PM by Sd97cl in Deal Talk
We have long summers
Post #149810932 added 09-21-2021 2:57 PM by RisingNexus in Deal Talk
Globalists get everything free, everywhere. Just show them the card.
Post #149810383 added 09-21-2021 2:34 PM by kitkat1 in Deal Talk
But this is Hilton
Post #149809957 added 09-21-2021 2:16 PM by seanleeforever in Deal Talk
san diego doesn't have miserable weathers. that's why houses here were all 1M plus even before the recent price surge.
Post #149809801 added 09-21-2021 2:08 PM by RisingNexus in Deal Talk
Free parking if you're a Hyatt Globalist....*whistle*
Post #149805898 added 09-21-2021 11:20 AM by pandalu in Deal Talk
Dead deal
Post #149805712 added 09-21-2021 11:11 AM by airfreshjoe in Deal Talk
Seems dead
Post #149805331 added 09-21-2021 10:55 AM by ironicart in Deal Talk
seems to be expired, nothing $100 nov or dec now
Post #149801707 added 09-21-2021 7:12 AM by mca1 in Deal Talk
I live here. I don't wear a mask and have never been asked for proof of vaccine.
Post #149799061 added 09-20-2021 10:51 PM by qwert7 in Deal Talk
The hotel really is nothing special. I was just there in the past month. The resort fees and parking fees are steep (prices listed in earlier comments are accurate). When I was there it was pretty...
Post #149798248 added 09-20-2021 9:35 PM by shaggyucla in Deal Talk
FYI: There are some cheap/discounted days in early January as well
Post #149797288 added 09-20-2021 8:28 PM by dtmamg in Deal Talk
LOL, I was thinking the same. La Jolla, never
Post #149797273 added 09-20-2021 8:27 PM by dtmamg in Deal Talk
Lived around the area for 5 yrs, had a resident card, $12 to play
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