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Post #150365506 added 10-17-2021 11:26 PM by djblerk in Deal Talk
I’m guessing they lump these in the “for you” section?
Post #150322807 added 10-15-2021 11:37 AM by stasis in Deal Talk
same. maybe i'll buy nintendo switch games
Post #150300424 added 10-14-2021 8:59 AM by ieee488 in Deal Talk
Yours is precisely the arrogant entitled attitude that causes many people to not share anything here. Why would they bother to share? If you rethink your selfish attitude, things will work out...
Post #150298537 added 10-14-2021 7:19 AM by SUCHaDEAL in Deal Talk
with your mindset, why should anyone share TARGETED YMMV deals, just to be downvoted when you don't have it.? Isn't it hostile to just dump on the OP because you didn't get it when you were told you...
Post #150297940 added 10-14-2021 6:29 AM by CalebY7899 in Deal Talk
yes silly. there is a downvote option because the deal did not replicate for me :). Perhaps you should read the rules and not be so hostile.
Post #150293482 added 10-13-2021 8:33 PM by cssad in Deal Talk
Thanks for the confirmation. By item page, you possibly are referring to online purchases but if I remember it right, my experience in the past has been that, instore clearance purchase of an item...
Post #150293398 added 10-13-2021 8:29 PM by UrsVela in Deal Talk
It is the price that is listed on the item page. Clearance item will have the marked down price listed on the item page and hence it is not the original price.
Post #150293311 added 10-13-2021 8:24 PM by SUCHaDEAL in Deal Talk
so you downvote something that clearly says "YMMV" on it. Sorry, but this to me is voting abuse because you are told upfront not all accounts will have the same offer or any offer but you take it...
Post #150293269 added 10-13-2021 8:22 PM by SUCHaDEAL in Deal Talk
no clearance items go by the price they are marked down to and ring up at. offers applied refers only to Target Circle, manu coupons, etc that come AFTER the price an item is charged at.
Post #150293167 added 10-13-2021 8:15 PM by cssad in Deal Talk
Hi, do you know if "before offers are applied" means, clearance items with original/list price over $100 but purchased for less would also qualify? I remember that was my experience before but not...
Post #150274885 added 10-12-2021 10:57 PM by Hudsnhawke in Deal Talk
I have make 4 purchases of $80 or more to get $35.
Post #150262366 added 10-12-2021 12:08 PM by mland0821 in Deal Talk
I don't see it either and have the debit redcard.
Post #150230713 added 10-10-2021 8:30 PM by Benetta1978 in Deal Talk
That’s the same offer I received as well.
Post #150219619 added 10-10-2021 9:07 AM by ieee488 in Deal Talk
You don't get a gift card. You clearly don't understand how this works.
Post #150219547 added 10-10-2021 9:03 AM by SUCHaDEAL in Deal Talk
great! glad it worked out for you.
Post #150218629 added 10-10-2021 8:06 AM by ShannonF4392 in Deal Talk
You were correct. After the last item shipped today, the order that was paid for with my $50 off $50 Redcard coupon now counts as my first qualifying purchase.
Post #150206680 added 10-09-2021 12:00 PM by TealSeed3969 in Deal Talk
Looks like target has given everyone a spending target!!
Post #150194575 added 10-08-2021 5:52 PM by Cmurphy16 in Deal Talk
I had a return like that, after rewards were used and my return was reduced by that amount. Sort of like Kohl’s if you use the Kohl’s cash and then try to return. Glad it’s set up that way to...
Post #150188710 added 10-08-2021 1:04 PM by ieee488 in Deal Talk
LOL. Everyone here sees you for what you are. Being indignant won't help. .
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