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Post #150766885 added 11-04-2021 10:54 AM by RH7260 in Deal Talk
For glass a couple or few drops regular blue dawn in a 1-5 gallon bucket will get your windows cleaner and with less streaks than just about anything
Post #150500212 added 10-23-2021 7:00 PM by Listentoit in Deal Talk
Does anybody have a good way to dispense the product since it comes with a valve at the opening for a handy mid dispenser? Is it easy to pop that out without destroying the container?
Post #150437362 added 10-20-2021 9:52 PM by EdEd1190 in Deal Talk
Mine arrived today in good condition, not leaking. Going to try it tomorrow to clean large glass storefront windows with a bucket of diluted cleaner, window scrubber, and squeegee.
Post #150404935 added 10-19-2021 3:24 PM by slickydoll in Deal Talk
mine also. it's three quraters full only
Post #150377152 added 10-18-2021 1:42 PM by bud8jr in Deal Talk
The glass cleaner was leaking thru the box when it arrived. Called Staples cs and they shipped out another one. They told me to dispose of the leaking container.
Post #150375898 added 10-18-2021 12:42 PM by EdEd1190 in Deal Talk
Had a $5.00 reward that was expiring 10/31. But won't work on a $4.99 item. I found this 29 cent filler if anyone needs to get the order over 5 bucks: ...
Post #150347047 added 10-16-2021 8:34 PM by techy2 in Deal Talk
is there expiration date on these thing? if so, how long does it last and what happens after it expires?
Post #150347035 added 10-16-2021 8:33 PM by CharlieI in Deal Talk
The dress is blue and black
Post #150346330 added 10-16-2021 7:32 PM by darkdealer in Deal Talk
The top of the bottle is like a Push button . Just tip the bottle and push the top in and drizzle a little into a spray bottle full of water. Al title house a long way. The glass cleaner works great!
Post #150312877 added 10-14-2021 8:35 PM by Firstlast236 in Deal Talk
Yeah, I also plan to cut it off. Cutting a small amount should make it easier to pour just a little out at a time. But I don't know what it will look like until it arrives. Just letting everyone...
Post #150312058 added 10-14-2021 7:42 PM by slkmaster2000 in Deal Talk
Bought one of each
Post #150307753 added 10-14-2021 3:16 PM by babygdav in Deal Talk
Carbide blade, cut a hole in the plastic body, done... Use tape to seal. A ton of things can be taken care of with a utility knife faster...
Post #150297799 added 10-14-2021 6:11 AM by Firstlast236 in Deal Talk
Did you guys read the Q&A and cs response? This product is supposed to be used with a specific dispenser. W/o the dispenser, you'll have to pry a plug to be able to pour it out. Shield your eyes when...
Post #150297751 added 10-14-2021 6:06 AM by slkmaster2000 in Deal Talk
Yea but vinegar smells pretty bad. It's one of my favorite cleaning agents but I avoid using it on glass because of odor. And not to mention this concentrate is way more quantity than a cheap bottle...
Post #150297103 added 10-14-2021 4:24 AM by CyanRoad9236 in Deal Talk
These products are not suitable for automotive applications, and like another poster claimed, are not intended for someone that isn't familiar with mixing harsh chemicals. Vinegar (cleaner), Baking...
Post #150284899 added 10-13-2021 1:13 PM by babygdav in Deal Talk
Savings? 1 mini bottle of lysol, 5 gallons mixed, $1.... Vs $5 here = 5x the savings....
Post #150279325 added 10-13-2021 8:40 AM by synthesis77 in Deal Talk
in for one of each. cleaners for life, yo.
Post #150278764 added 10-13-2021 8:09 AM by Battra92 in Deal Talk
Even buying the Dollar Store cleaners seems like a better deal than this when you factor in all the work. I mean, if you own a cleaning company and go through bottles of Windex a day, sure but...
Post #150277087 added 10-13-2021 5:59 AM by Jmabs5099 in Deal Talk
Word of advise, use distilled water in your glass cleaner mix unless you don't care for streaking, minerals found in tap water will leave spots and streaks
Post #150271918 added 10-12-2021 7:31 PM by Kensic in Deal Talk
Washroom means like the shower area correct?
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