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Post #150432940 added 10-20-2021 5:59 PM by Simoleon in Deal Talk
Bought at $169 last week, and the lock just arrived today — only to find out it’s now $11 cheaper. It’s covered under the Price Lock Guarantee, so I got a refund for the difference from Newegg chat:...
Post #150388447 added 10-19-2021 12:47 AM by SociableAlpaca6688 in Deal Talk
It's now $158.94! The one with built in wifi is 259.99 with $50 off on Amazon when you add the coupon.
Post #150377206 added 10-18-2021 1:44 PM by buzzman in Deal Talk
Here you go at $159. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B08HYTGFLR
Post #150377164 added 10-18-2021 1:42 PM by super32 in Deal Talk
the external wifi bridge is not an extender. As I just learned from another post, the WiFi bridge communicates with the padlock via bluetooth, and then routes communications over wifi through your...
Post #150373552 added 10-18-2021 10:57 AM by Pedigo in Deal Talk
Applied Promo Code, It says it is invalid??. Just have to wait till the next price drop
Post #150371884 added 10-18-2021 9:50 AM by andrewps21 in Deal Talk
Costco has a buy more save more deal now too, $40 off 2, $80 off 3. I need 2 locks (front door and garage door), and I was going to try the doorbell too. So $520 total, for 2 wifi locks and the...
Post #150364255 added 10-17-2021 9:31 PM by edrock200 in Deal Talk
Kinda hard to compare "forever" 😁
Post #150359905 added 10-17-2021 5:02 PM by mgllam1991 in Deal Talk
Had this for a few months now. Pretty much the fingerprint scanner is pretty hit or miss for me. And I’ve even made 3 fingerprint saves for one finger just so I don’t have to keep fooling with it and...
Post #150356248 added 10-17-2021 12:34 PM by degenerated in Deal Talk
The battery on my Wi-Fi one lasts forever
Post #150340069 added 10-16-2021 11:50 AM by edrock200 in Deal Talk
Battery life. Wifi uses more power than Bluetooth/zwave/zigbee
Post #150333820 added 10-15-2021 11:10 PM by junos_ny in Deal Talk
I already have a wifi range extender. Will it be compatible with this smart lock? Or does the lock only work with that wifi bridge coming together?
Post #150331552 added 10-15-2021 7:56 PM by techie_review in Deal Talk
this does not have Wifi built in ... the built in one is 259 on eufy ... https://us.eufylife.com/collections/smart-lock?ref=navimenu Compare the 169 vs 259
Post #150331372 added 10-15-2021 7:43 PM by jjackyhsieh in Deal Talk
I think it is still 219 at costco for the built in wifi version.
Post #150331267 added 10-15-2021 7:34 PM by techie_review in Deal Talk
Got it thank you so much for the details appreciate it !!! .. i bought the wifi built in version though as you mentioned it might drain the battery more i feel like its better in connectivity...
Post #150327238 added 10-15-2021 3:15 PM by super32 in Deal Talk
So, I have the Wifi bridge (external WiFi) version (Fingerprint and number pad). My bridge is about 2-3feet away from the lock, so I don't see the Bluetooth issues (yet?). I've been using this door...
Post #150324727 added 10-15-2021 1:03 PM by ThriftyJuice233 in Deal Talk
Are these easy to hack into? What happens if the battery dies?
Post #150324316 added 10-15-2021 12:47 PM by techie_review in Deal Talk
Costco has it for 219 members only a few weeks ago ... closing on my house soon so will insall it there (built in wifi)
Post #150324304 added 10-15-2021 12:46 PM by techie_review in Deal Talk
any comments regarding the built in wifi and this bridge one ... obviously the built in wifi is probably better but anyone have any knowledge the bigger difference that they might have seen hands on ?
Post #150320680 added 10-15-2021 9:57 AM by SmilingRoad414 in Deal Talk
Device is communicating Bluetooth…. Research how crappy Bluetooth is
Post #150320620 added 10-15-2021 9:55 AM by super32 in Deal Talk
Any reasons why the built-in wifi over the external wifi bridge? On a separate discussion, any comments on waiting/hoping that Amazon discounts it for holiday shopping, which includes what seems...
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