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Post #150563479 added 10-26-2021 7:07 PM by mickybluesb in Deal Talk
I’ve built in montech cases before. They are definitely bottom of the barrel. But I do like their ssd and hard drive mounts but the metal is paper thin. Wish there was a similar deal on Amazon...
Post #150558361 added 10-26-2021 3:12 PM by cantalup in Deal Talk
No and yes.. 80mm fans old case was very old.. My cheap cases had 120mm fan, usually front, top and 80mm on the back, but… on the side it has 120mm fan too😄 Dang rattle noise was killing me...
Post #150539137 added 10-25-2021 6:45 PM by 7minutessober in Deal Talk
High airflow is a marketing term. You could also buy larger fans to run at lower speed. That used to be the trick back In The day when we were all running 80mm fans. I for one am running 2...
Post #150539074 added 10-25-2021 6:43 PM by cantalup in Deal Talk
In my case of my cheap micro atx in the past is rattle noise due to running 24/7 . I bought cheap meshed front model 6 years ago. The rattle noise is killing me hahaha. Putting foam on the...
Post #150529882 added 10-25-2021 11:54 AM by 7minutessober in Deal Talk
Sure, and yours is a non typical use case. Taxing the cpu with VMS is different than most users here. I've been seeing people claiming all sorts of untrue things regarding temps and running around...
Post #150529252 added 10-25-2021 11:32 AM by cantalup in Deal Talk
It prove high air flow needed in some case like mine I am running bare metal linux container that running 24/7🙃. Throttling cpu is not my option. Sorru no gaming on my side. Ha…
Post #150523921 added 10-25-2021 7:51 AM by 7minutessober in Deal Talk
So an edge case is needed to prove your point? I think it actually proves mine. Most morons on this site are playing a couple games and thinking OH NOESSSSS!!!!!! MY PC RUNNING 20 DEGREES BELOW...
Post #150518674 added 10-24-2021 9:12 PM by cantalup in Deal Talk
remember, newegg GF has expiration date :lol: (AFAIK)
Post #150518623 added 10-24-2021 9:09 PM by cantalup in Deal Talk
ha.. my mini itx case can overheat the system, it has 140mm intake and 120mm outtake with 80mm cpu fan. the intake slot are on left and right side. it has sfx PSU to give extra space for cpu...
Post #150508210 added 10-24-2021 10:30 AM by 7minutessober in Deal Talk
I love too how people think someone spending $37 on a case are also regularly putting thousand dollar video cards and another $600 in CPU and MB, then wouldn't spring for $15 for a couple fans.
Post #150507259 added 10-24-2021 9:20 AM by protocol7 in Deal Talk
Yeah, I dunno what people are talking about. I have one of these cases, and while the included fans don't really cut it, I bought some extra fans and with that easy upgrade, the case handles a full...
Post #150506428 added 10-24-2021 8:19 AM by 7minutessober in Deal Talk
You people don’t understand cooling and should stop posting FUD. every case has 15 uneducated boobs who watched a YouTube video weighing in with their ignorance. You can downvote all you want...
Post #150506323 added 10-24-2021 8:09 AM by pcrh in Deal Talk
Thanks OP. This case with be for a 6-8 core 5xxx amd build build around a 3060ti to replace my 2nd gen i3, 1050ti familly room PC.
Post #150505165 added 10-24-2021 6:08 AM by PopeP in Deal Talk
i wouldnt put a hot 1080ti in that teeny case
Post #150501352 added 10-23-2021 8:39 PM by protocol7 in Deal Talk
I have a build with a 2080 in this case and it's fine.
Post #150493438 added 10-23-2021 11:18 AM by balloonshark in Deal Talk
It would be nice to know if the max cpu cooler height is 160mm like in newegg's specs or 140mm like in the product description.The cooler I want to use is between those numbers. Here is one of the...
Post #150492079 added 10-23-2021 9:59 AM by rczrider in Deal Talk
Is this case really 200cm wide? That's seems really "fat", especially for only accommodating a 140mm CPU cooler.
Post #150490207 added 10-23-2021 7:52 AM by umustwait101 in Deal Talk
for $40 shipped ($30 after gift card), it's not bad at all
Post #150485956 added 10-22-2021 10:10 PM by pug_ster in Deal Talk
https://youtu.be/2qnUkuERzW8?t=328 Looks like there's a mini review of this case. The led strip looks nice, and cable management is good. If you look at the recent reviews, they switched...
Post #150481132 added 10-22-2021 4:58 PM by Minh_Senpai in Deal Talk
Hey just wanted to let whoever is buying this know, I bought this like 2 years ago, and I wasn’t aware that the tempered glass panel is actually tinted. Don’t expect to be able to see through it....
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