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Post #152485186 added 12-27-2021 7:42 AM by EagerActivity1630 in Hot Deals
Anyone know? Please, thank you
Post #152465620 added 12-26-2021 8:11 AM by EagerActivity1630 in Hot Deals
I have various amex offers on carnival, rcl, ncl, celebrity etc. Most sell discounted vouchers to be used within two years. I plan to cruise a lot, anyone know if these vouchers trigger the offer?
Post #151088848 added 11-16-2021 11:26 AM by serra in Hot Deals
here's a seabourn offer i just posted: https://slickdeals.net/f/15407260-seabourn-cruises-black-friday-sail-event-book-by-november-30-2021?v=1
Post #151060633 added 11-15-2021 1:07 PM by KripalK in Hot Deals
you have to book it on cruise provider/ travel co website not amex travel . i got $400 credit but it will post after few weeks of travle completion . I booked it on carnival.com
Post #150956704 added 11-11-2021 3:23 PM by mrkenneth in Hot Deals
If the booking is made through the American Express Platinum Travel Service for the Platinum Cruise Privileges benefits, is the payment charged by American Express Travel or Holland America?
Post #150836263 added 11-06-2021 11:49 PM by Dxcellent in Hot Deals
If it didn’t show up last month, you may want to check your offers again. That one didn’t show up on mine, but I checked today and I have it -400 off $1500
Post #150823138 added 11-06-2021 12:38 PM by mrmoomoo in Hot Deals
as long as you pay in full it doesnt matter when you sail
Post #150654571 added 10-30-2021 9:56 PM by humblehype in Hot Deals
Does this work if the cruise I want to book is in April 2023? Final payment would be >1 year from now. "Statement credit will appear on your billing statement within 90 days after 12/31/2021,...
Post #150517891 added 10-24-2021 8:15 PM by mland0821 in Hot Deals
I do have these cruise promos on some of our cards. I've never taken a cruise but I am in south Florida and was considering taking a last minute cruise to check it out. Any suggestions on which...
Post #150443659 added 10-21-2021 8:04 AM by geek_76 in Hot Deals
Post #150443638 added 10-21-2021 8:03 AM by rapidfire94 in Hot Deals
Amex doesn't know if it's a new or existing booking. The day the offer popped up I added it and then immediately pre-paid grats on existing bookings (3 cruises) and already received the credit this...
Post #150399115 added 10-19-2021 11:56 AM by geek_76 in Hot Deals
I read the terms of the offer, and it states "new bookings" between 10/18/21 and 12/31/21 - but how strict is it? Example: if I used my AmEx card w/ the $150 back for spending $500 offer activated to...
Post #150380218 added 10-18-2021 3:55 PM by thumper1 in Hot Deals
I added 150 offers to my account and none of the new offers were for cruises. At first, I could refresh the page and new offers came up until there were 100, but now I can't get past 49 offers. ...
Post #150376225 added 10-18-2021 12:57 PM by rapidfire94 in Hot Deals
Carnival also has a $150 back on $500 spend. I got the $400/$1500 on three people's card and then the $150/$500 on the other 2. Everyday and Blue $0 annual fee cards had them but Hilton, Marriott,...
Post #150374446 added 10-18-2021 11:40 AM by clipz98 in Hot Deals
Yeah which is why I'd use my MR card over my cash back one honestly. I don't have direct plans to go on a Celebrity ship next year so I won't have use for it, but still did it on my MR card anyway....
Post #150374101 added 10-18-2021 11:23 AM by Dr. J in Hot Deals
FWIW, AE MR pts are generally considered more valuable than 1 cent, although of course that depends on what you spend them on. TPG values them at 2 cents, so that 15k pts is more like $300.
Post #150373918 added 10-18-2021 11:12 AM by clipz98 in Hot Deals
Yep, what I meant is that I have it on all 3 of my current Amex cards with basically $150 value off, either in cash or 15k MR points depending on the card I use it on.
Post #150373615 added 10-18-2021 10:59 AM by GCS in Hot Deals
Oddly enough I have this one and the new $150 off Celebrity one on 2 of my cards. The other cards either have neither one of these offers or the 15k points offer mentioned above.
Post #150372997 added 10-18-2021 10:33 AM by Zoozie in Hot Deals
Interesting, mine was $15k points on a $500 celebrity cruise.
Post #150371368 added 10-18-2021 9:35 AM by ctr11 in Hot Deals
Yeah the OP should probably add YMMV to the title
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