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Post #150583888 added 10-27-2021 4:50 PM by statestreet in Deal Talk
I think you're confusing "chicken meal" with "chicken by-product" https://petstutorial.com/what-is-chicken-meal-in-dog-food/
Post #150498646 added 10-23-2021 4:55 PM by c_bird in Deal Talk
A perfect topping for your morning yogurt. Yum!
Post #150496219 added 10-23-2021 2:16 PM by Stevendom1987 in Deal Talk
It's filler. It's garbage. It's what they can't feed anyone else and no, the beaks, nails, feet, flesh don't have any nutrional value. Real organ meat (which 80% of what my dog eats) like liver,...
Post #150496156 added 10-23-2021 2:13 PM by FeistyMallard583 in Deal Talk
Exactly its mostly rice and oatmeal. Might as well buy fresh ingridients and give them as treats.
Post #150493297 added 10-23-2021 11:09 AM by ssg10587 in Deal Talk
No, those are actually the most nutritious parts of an animal. Id be curious about the actual processing of it, but I dont have concerns seeing that. I more agree with the cheap carbs thing and...
Post #150489511 added 10-23-2021 6:50 AM by RDZ in Deal Talk
Combining the $3 off and 25% off seems to work on either of the two products offered on the coupon page. I got the apple flavored ones.
Post #150487210 added 10-23-2021 12:31 AM by PurpleRaccoon2149 in Deal Talk
Looks like this is no longer available?
Post #150477052 added 10-22-2021 1:57 PM by mugiber in Deal Talk
$3 off is only on the 16 ounce so the price is 4+ with SS and not 1.46. Can't replicate what you are showing.
Post #150466954 added 10-22-2021 5:23 AM by BladeD in Deal Talk
No coupon, no deal!
Post #150466906 added 10-22-2021 5:17 AM by statestreet in Deal Talk
Is the "rendered chicken waste" bad for dogs though? Sounds like collagen and organ meats. I'm glad it gets used up (unless it's bad)
Post #150466093 added 10-22-2021 2:29 AM by marusf in Deal Talk
Worked for me! Tx
Post #150466051 added 10-22-2021 2:20 AM by Stevendom1987 in Deal Talk
Three largest ingredients are 1. Brown rice 2. Oatmeal 3. Chicken meal. Chicken meal is all of the chickenů76 parts humans dont eat including nails, beaks, flesh with an without accompanying bone....
Post #150465016 added 10-21-2021 11:53 PM by SaltyOne in Deal Talk
Clip the $3 Off Coupon and checkout with Subscribe & Save, coupon may not be available to all accounts. Deal Link Next-best price looks to be $4.69 from Chewy, this is $3.23 Lower (68.9% Savings).

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