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Post #150658048 added 10-31-2021 7:19 AM by mamc82 in Deal Talk
I posted this before but someone said I was confused. I was not. I have the old pro 1000 and now this new version. The new version no longer has multiple brush speeds, nor does it have the red light...
Post #150651307 added 10-30-2021 5:27 PM by Hypermood in Deal Talk
The same here. What is the difference between the one they sent vs the one promoted in the main link? Also, the link does not bring to the amazon product I ordered anymore.
Post #150591946 added 10-28-2021 12:54 AM by sreesree.b in Deal Talk
Beware..Not the same model/color as shown on the home page. I brought this based on the picture thinking it is same as my old model but they sent a different one. Quiet disappointing.
Post #150588841 added 10-27-2021 8:50 PM by mamc82 in Deal Talk
Post #150576904 added 10-27-2021 11:34 AM by Burton9Eric in Deal Talk
This is a great teethbrush I high recommend
Post #150574822 added 10-27-2021 10:03 AM by GGYY22 in Deal Talk
Costco has Oral-B Smart Clean & Genius on sale, which model is better? thanks
Post #150574681 added 10-27-2021 9:58 AM by SeriousMeerkat5950 in Deal Talk
Consumer reports ratings: 1. OralB IO 7 ($200 range) 2. OralB genius X10000 ($200 range( 3. Sonicare 6100 ($100 range) 4. OralB 6000 ($100 range) This model is not rated, but 3000 is rated,...
Post #150573556 added 10-27-2021 9:03 AM by AlwayzJ in Deal Talk
not bad
Post #150568516 added 10-27-2021 1:11 AM by EmeryPurple in Deal Talk
I need to find an electric toothbrush without a timer for my Autistic child, can anyone help?
Post #150562195 added 10-26-2021 5:59 PM by ImagineNoReligion in Deal Talk
My electric toothbrush has lost a lot of capacity, but it'll be a long time, I think, before it's unable to hold enough charge for toothbrushing. Think of the environment.
Post #150562048 added 10-26-2021 5:51 PM by CeeC7286 in Deal Talk
You are confusing this one with the Braun Pro 1500 https://www.amazon.com/Oral-B-CrossAction-Electric-Rechargeable-Toothbrush/dp/B075CPK9RX
Post #150557677 added 10-26-2021 2:42 PM by SayHeyKid in Deal Talk
Bought 2 of these five years ago. Both are used every day and still working fine. Good deal.
Post #150557641 added 10-26-2021 2:41 PM by DanielU3743 in Deal Talk
I think Oral-B is king for toothbrushes but hot damn does it sound like a chainsaw. I recently purchased the 7500 model and it wakes my fiance up in the AM with 2 doors between the bathroom and the...
Post #150555847 added 10-26-2021 1:22 PM by BobC8176 in Deal Talk
Because the Sonicare salesperson "visits" your dentist. My wife used to work for a dentist, and that was the MO.
Post #150555706 added 10-26-2021 1:15 PM by uthorns1976 in Deal Talk
Wake me up when it's $25, LOL.
Post #150554464 added 10-26-2021 12:28 PM by SimMike777 in Deal Talk
I've had my old Oral B for over five years now. I keep the charging stand plugged in the entire time. Still works like new.
Post #150554443 added 10-26-2021 12:27 PM by SimMike777 in Deal Talk
Does this take generic oral b brush heads like older models?
Post #150554305 added 10-26-2021 12:22 PM by sarcasmo in Deal Talk
How is this better than the Vitality?
Post #150554302 added 10-26-2021 12:22 PM by GreenSparrow1991 in Deal Talk
Had this same model for almost 4 years, still working, only battery doesn’t hold much charge, ~4 days now.
Post #150554032 added 10-26-2021 12:13 PM by mamc82 in Deal Talk
Fyi, despite the pictures the toothbrush you receive will be the "updated" professional 1000 which is actually a bit of a downgrade. It no longer has multiple brush speeds, nor does it have the red...
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