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Post #150679507 added 11-01-2021 8:41 AM by godwhomismike in Deal Talk
These laptops have 5 year old processors in them for prices that are on par with today's laptops. This so-called deal is horrible.
Post #150646069 added 10-30-2021 11:46 AM by hindolam in Deal Talk
The computers in this deal will perform great if you install Linux on them. In fact I bought a Dell Optiplex Pentium machine from PCLiquidations for $30 + $20 shipping. It works great for browsing...
Post #150639808 added 10-30-2021 1:24 AM by DoItAllMike in Deal Talk
Newest processor from 2017 and nothing over a quad core, definitely overpriced for used
Post #150639166 added 10-29-2021 11:53 PM by merrimac1 in Deal Talk
Any one good for crypto mining?
Post #150636355 added 10-29-2021 7:59 PM by mastergunnera8 in Deal Talk
So first post says see FP post? May I ask what that refers to?
Post #150629404 added 10-29-2021 2:06 PM by atluu in Deal Talk
Any coupons working for the desktops?
Post #150626125 added 10-29-2021 11:57 AM by wshtb in Deal Talk
Not bad for micro form factor. For whatever reason they seem to cost more than normal towers when new. Got myself a 7050MFF with i5-7600 for $283 after tax. Should be perfectly capable of...
Post #150624454 added 10-29-2021 10:48 AM by davkarimz in Deal Talk
It's not the right mindset in my opinion. If someone needs a new computer for business, and even loosely for personal, you should spend a few dollars more to make your next change later down the...
Post #150624328 added 10-29-2021 10:44 AM by dpid in Deal Talk
Off lease business computers. Most come from FedEx.
Post #150623989 added 10-29-2021 10:28 AM by erazz61 in Deal Talk
What do you mean? Windows 8 is the latest and greatest 😂
Post #150623263 added 10-29-2021 10:03 AM by sazbad in Deal Talk
I have purchased twice from these deals but I must say it's not worth the price. After a couple of months of usage, you will find different parts like the keyboard, mic dying randomly. So, be careful.
Post #150623212 added 10-29-2021 10:01 AM by palmrr in Deal Talk
What ? i7 -6th gen ? we have going for it?
Post #150610018 added 10-28-2021 5:23 PM by xxl12345 in Deal Talk
True I tried installing in my 7 years old PS and no chance
Post #150600457 added 10-28-2021 10:42 AM by RyanL in Deal Talk
I don't think that too many people are complaining about these PCs being trash, just that these deals are trash from a value standpoint. You can get the same ones on eBay like others were saying for...
Post #150600277 added 10-28-2021 10:36 AM by mrburns in Deal Talk
Ive bought 2 $150 desktops, one with an i5 and SSD. Both still alive and well. mind you these are all about 2-3 plus yrs ago
Post #150600049 added 10-28-2021 10:28 AM by sk8rboy in Deal Talk
I got 3 - $400 dollar desktops a year ago, and 2/3 are alive today unfortunately. Still not a bad deal.
Post #150599665 added 10-28-2021 10:12 AM by MedullaOblongata in Deal Talk
Yes, you can youtube it.
Post #150599602 added 10-28-2021 10:09 AM by stt222 in Deal Talk
This is where I got my computer to run blue iris (i7 6th gen). I also run a Plex server on it and it works great. Been running for a couple years now with no issues.
Post #150596629 added 10-28-2021 8:22 AM by booboloo in Deal Talk
You bypassed the tpm?
Post #150596488 added 10-28-2021 8:16 AM by Cyanic in Deal Talk
I'm actually looking at some of these for a Plex. You want something with a UHD 630. There are a few optiplex with it, but even after discount, they are around $300 after tax and shipping. It's not...
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