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Post #151593175 added 11-27-2021 10:29 PM by Gimmegimmedeals in Deal Talk
It’s not on sale… it is showing full price now
Post #151504432 added 11-26-2021 9:50 AM by agaurav in Deal Talk
I bought it from Costco and thought it was worthless. It was sort of like the $4 generic shampoo from Walmart.
Post #151489969 added 11-26-2021 5:23 AM by DanielG666 in Deal Talk
wife had this. when it was out, I bought some suave coconut shampoo for $1 and filled it up. never noticed the difference. HA!
Post #151489447 added 11-26-2021 4:56 AM by Lurker247 in Deal Talk
I'm currently using this shampoo and conditioner and feel it's just okay. My hair feels drier and prone to developing oily hair so I have to wash hair every other day. I was previously using Nexxus...
Post #151486831 added 11-26-2021 2:12 AM by Grunge206 in Deal Talk
So to chime in about the hair loss issue. The ingredient responsible is DMDM hydantoin. This ingredient slowly releases formaldehyde and works as a preservative. If you are allergic to formaldehyde,...
Post #151486030 added 11-26-2021 1:40 AM by RiseAgainst in Deal Talk
This is the best shampoo I've ever used. Used it when I was dating a rich girl. Would never pay this amount of money for shampoo myself, though.
Post #151469179 added 11-25-2021 6:37 PM by theholyangel in Deal Talk
I'll buy from Costco to be on the safe side. Using Paul Mitchell tea tree right now - is this good for strengthening hair? I don't need help losing anymore hair than I naturally am..lol
Post #151467367 added 11-25-2021 5:53 PM by bigDeal44 in Deal Talk
You should try the one with polenta!.. never going back
Post #151455481 added 11-25-2021 1:16 PM by emceep in Deal Talk
I just checked and it's still showing as $18.49 for me at check out so if you're interested, you may want to try again.
Post #151454218 added 11-25-2021 12:51 PM by plus19 in Deal Talk
Lots of reviews saying they start to lose a lot of hair after using this shampoo. And also a lot of people saying they are received fake product.
Post #151453009 added 11-25-2021 12:27 PM by ThriftyKnob509 in Deal Talk
Costco has it on sale for 19.99 so with the Subscription, it’s a good deal
Post #151452325 added 11-25-2021 12:14 PM by teucer in Deal Talk
I wonder if the bad reviews received very old bottles or ones that were set out in the sun. The ingredient that can cause contact dermatitis is DMDM Hydantoin and is in LOTS of products (mostly...
Post #151446955 added 11-25-2021 10:49 AM by zj142 in Deal Talk
very good,my favorite shampoo and conditioner
Post #151437274 added 11-25-2021 8:08 AM by organica in Deal Talk
Everyone losing their hair lol just relax it will grow back
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