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Post #151747537 added 12-01-2021 7:55 AM by SmilingRiver683 in Deal Talk
Has anyone tried to return, the other component excluding the console?
Post #151728088 added 11-30-2021 4:56 PM by JRSPK in Deal Talk
Post #151718578 added 11-30-2021 12:32 PM by SmilingRiver683 in Deal Talk
I received mine already. The case came a day earlier. The screen protector, console, and game came in the next day
Post #151717381 added 11-30-2021 12:01 PM by JRSPK in Deal Talk
Did anyone received the shipping information for the Switch console . GameStop have already shipped me every item in bundle except the switch console.
Post #151499659 added 11-26-2021 8:40 AM by TruthIsOK in Deal Talk
They're essentially a less scalpy scalpers than traditional scalpers. It's a good deal for GameStop and Nintendo, and no one else.
Post #151454566 added 11-25-2021 12:57 PM by HolyWater88 in Deal Talk
Thanks! Got one for my sons!
Post #151444756 added 11-25-2021 10:14 AM by davidrmj13 in Deal Talk
Not a fan of bundles like this, but it’s a good deal for a difficult to obtain item if you are a pro member ($18 reward for purchasing) and can use chase PP 5% ($22 cash back ). You may be able to...
Post #151442749 added 11-25-2021 9:41 AM by bucdan in Deal Talk
Sold out. both red/blue and white
Post #151438342 added 11-25-2021 8:27 AM by iahawks550 in Deal Talk
I wasn't picking a fight. I was commenting on a link above to report "price gouging" on 'The Bay' because prices were higher than retail. I was pointing out that plenty of people gladly pay over...
Post #151438045 added 11-25-2021 8:22 AM by Thelnel52 in Deal Talk
I don’t know why I’m picking a fight on Thanksgiving, but if you are anchoring any sort of value to retail price, you’ve learned nothing from Slickdeals. There are a million different sets of...
Post #151437799 added 11-25-2021 8:17 AM by sleepyballer in Deal Talk
got 1, thanks!
Post #151437529 added 11-25-2021 8:12 AM by djkdjkdjk in Deal Talk
We all understand it’s MSRP. Requiring MSRP for unnecessary bundle items is the scam. Not hard to find?? I wish I lived near such a magical Target.
Post #151437364 added 11-25-2021 8:10 AM by dkstrick in Deal Talk
It’s MSRP and these have not been hard to find anyways. Just sitting in the case at target the other day when I walked by.
Post #151436311 added 11-25-2021 7:49 AM by singh04r in Deal Talk
Which state?
Post #151435429 added 11-25-2021 7:30 AM by CleverStranger469 in Deal Talk
It's gonna depend on the gamestop. The items are priced separately on the packing list. I was able to return the extras when I bought a ps5.
Post #151433602 added 11-25-2021 6:49 AM by X2N143 in Deal Talk
Nope you’re either return all or if your store was kind enough you can swap the rest of the others for something else. I did this with my ps5 bundle by swap far cry 6 for ratchet and clank
Post #151433506 added 11-25-2021 6:47 AM by X2N143 in Deal Talk
Good thing i bought my switch oled yesterday in store with 2 games no tax. Got lucky just paying the system and games.
Post #151433407 added 11-25-2021 6:44 AM by singh04r in Deal Talk
Got One, Thanks OP Curious this bundle shows 4 different items and all are priced separately, so i think return should work…will try to return the game, rest all items are fine :)
Post #151433401 added 11-25-2021 6:44 AM by Antagonist123 in Deal Talk
In for 1 for the missus. Thanks!
Post #151433152 added 11-25-2021 6:38 AM by djkdjkdjk in Deal Talk
What a scam. Really frustrating. $490 with tax for me. And my kid won’t even be able to handle this game. And… of course I bought one anyway! Sigh. I hate myself. Hoping the local GS will at least...
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