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Post #151638523 added 11-28-2021 10:15 PM by The_Love_Spud in Hot Deals
I wanted to check and see if my XPS still actually boots (it has a board level GPU issue)... but then the price was still $112.49 because the EPP/EPP discount was reduced. (FYI to others: the XPS is...
Post #151637893 added 11-28-2021 9:59 PM by The_Love_Spud in Hot Deals
I do appreciate that you listed the CPU in the thread title (a laptop listing without a CPU in the title is basically incomplete in my estimation). Kudos on that. However, do yourself and the...
Post #151637560 added 11-28-2021 9:49 PM by The_Love_Spud in Hot Deals
The EDU pricing is $224.99 If you're insane enough to trade in something like an S10 Plus you can get the price to zero (as they valued that phone, and few others, at $225). The trade in...
Post #151637254 added 11-28-2021 9:41 PM by The_Love_Spud in Hot Deals
Did you also happen to notice that this is an ARM-based Windows laptop? That has two additional downstream problems: The generally problematic experience of Windows on ARM outside of basic...
Post #151612876 added 11-28-2021 10:48 AM by cheaphguy in Hot Deals
I think might risk getting your trade-in denie if it is an ancient device. IE they are prob thinking a recent thinkpad for 100$ , not a 14 year old thinkpad.
Post #151599295 added 11-28-2021 4:31 AM by Mamiww6 in Hot Deals
Lol idk why you brought in the MacBook Pro into conversation. This would have been OK deal with $250 MSRP max. Otherwise it’s POS value for this price.
Post #151595497 added 11-27-2021 11:05 PM by fluffyboi in Hot Deals
i would've get it at $60 with trade in, for $150.... i think this is a terrible deal, apparently its a really low quality TFT screen and window 11 takes up 60-70% of the 128gb already. i know i am...
Post #151594810 added 11-27-2021 10:34 PM by ofacto in Hot Deals
I have some older iPads that have gotten insanely slow, trade in value is about $120-150 if I choose the Windows 10 version. Which I think is fair value, but website won't actually let me purchase...
Post #151591039 added 11-27-2021 8:23 PM by luv2ctheworld in Hot Deals
I don't think it's of much value unless you have an old-a$$ laptop that you can't really use. In my case, a 9 yo Acer Aspire i3 that has a loud fan and runs Win10 after a 5 minute start up, giving...
Post #151589839 added 11-27-2021 7:43 PM by Mamiww6 in Hot Deals
I don't see why this is better than most Chromebooks with MediaTek CPUs from Best Buy. The non-touch version is $20 cheaper if you don't care. Assuming you don't have a trade-in, we are talking about...
Post #151588789 added 11-27-2021 7:15 PM by SlickSofa719 in Hot Deals
Maybe there is a right trade-in to make this deal hot, but it would be a rare one. Most of the trade-ins don't get you down that low. I can trade my i7/8/256/dGPU SP3 in and pay $100 to "upgrade" to...
Post #151586245 added 11-27-2021 6:06 PM by thehash in Hot Deals
with trade in im down to $175. now the question is is it worth 175 anyone actually have this laptop?
Post #151584925 added 11-27-2021 5:32 PM by mrtasan in Hot Deals
i dont think you can pay 60 without a trade in... this works for me as i have like a 9 or 10 year old xps that i want to get rid of
Post #151584499 added 11-27-2021 5:19 PM by daon in Hot Deals
I just might pay $60 without a trade-in LOL @ trading in an S7+ for $190 to have the privilege to spend $60 on a low tier laptop
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