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Post #151752049 added 12-01-2021 8:56 AM by mntbikeracer1 in Deal Talk
Small, disposable cast iron shipped across the country. Just sad.
Post #151751950 added 12-01-2021 8:54 AM by daytonpilot in Deal Talk
Just got a cancellation email too :-(
Post #151749814 added 12-01-2021 8:01 AM by alxshanti in Deal Talk
Post #151719067 added 11-30-2021 11:46 AM by cookiemonster in Deal Talk
Such an underrated movie!
Post #151685011 added 11-29-2021 4:22 PM by cbeadles in Deal Talk
Appears to be oos on all choices?
Post #151657063 added 11-29-2021 8:22 AM by verymetal in Deal Talk
This company is crap.
Post #151656094 added 11-29-2021 8:06 AM by SharpMagic3870 in Deal Talk
Code did not work for me, tried three times. Copied and pasted code no possibility of spelling error.
Post #151645561 added 11-29-2021 4:19 AM by MaryB7796 in Deal Talk
Thanks for this. I passed up a small one at a garage sale for $3 and regretted it. This one is a better deal with the mix. Sweet mixes were sold out, though.
Post #151645150 added 11-29-2021 3:57 AM by diburning in Deal Talk
I knew that, I thought I'd ask just in case. Macy's has terrible reviews too, but I've never had any major issues with them. Just ordered one! My dear old dad has wanted a cast iron skillet...
Post #151633351 added 11-28-2021 7:58 PM by armedmetallica in Deal Talk
You gonna eat that CORNBREAD??
Post #151629073 added 11-28-2021 6:12 PM by teaberry in Deal Talk
are cast iron skillets that cheap? I got 2 for gift and may keep one. My mom likes cornbread but I do find most mixes to be too salty.
Post #151625995 added 11-28-2021 4:46 PM by Shadow Rider in Deal Talk
LOL why not, it's about the same price as the JC Penny deal without a rebate
Post #151623208 added 11-28-2021 3:17 PM by zooskoo in Deal Talk
I have ordered several times. Not the fastest shipping but also got the item
Post #151622905 added 11-28-2021 3:09 PM by daisybeetle in Deal Talk
I used to order a lot in the late 90's, early 2000's. Shipping costs were usually the barrier, and I would say they were a bit slower to ship than what I had expected at the time, but never had an...
Post #151621654 added 11-28-2021 2:34 PM by diburning in Deal Talk
Anyone here order from this company before? I looked up reviews and they seem to be mostly bad.
Post #151621021 added 11-28-2021 2:15 PM by Jeppedy in Deal Talk
Usually, but this one is WAAAY small...
Post #151621015 added 11-28-2021 2:15 PM by Jeppedy in Deal Talk
Post #151619707 added 11-28-2021 1:38 PM by jknghts in Deal Talk
Do they expect us to make the cornbread in a Skillet?
Post #151619413 added 11-28-2021 1:29 PM by daisybeetle in Deal Talk
LTD Commodities has 6.25" Cast Iron Skillet with Baking Mix (Jalepeno Cornbread) for $4.99 - 30% w/ code CYBER21 = $3.50. Shipping is free. OOS Other Baking Mix varieties available for $6.49...

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