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Post #151943686 added 12-07-2021 9:38 AM by HonestCabbage6387 in Deal Talk
Has anyone's order actually shipped? Been stuck in processing since order 11/29
Post #151698871 added 11-29-2021 9:44 PM by walletLess in Deal Talk
I'm soon going to have 3 electrostatic sprayers (this deal, 4 mAH Ryobi battery set from HD, Brad nail gun from DTO - all came with free sprayers) that I have no idea what to use for. Any suggestions?
Post #151692082 added 11-29-2021 6:57 PM by JohnJ6145 in Deal Talk
Thank you ! D_Struggles !
Post #151672600 added 11-29-2021 12:30 PM by D_Struggles in Deal Talk
Post #151671637 added 11-29-2021 12:14 PM by GBAstar in Deal Talk
I enjoy seeing deal postings on every item in stock at DTO each time they have a sitewide sale. I'm glad SD encourages this :rolleyes:
Post #151671322 added 11-29-2021 12:09 PM by SensibleGuide4349 in Deal Talk
It was only in stock for a short moment then. It wasn't available earlier today.
Post #151670818 added 11-29-2021 12:01 PM by CoralDeer976 in Deal Talk
Site is down
Post #151670650 added 11-29-2021 11:58 AM by dreamzdecora in Deal Talk
lol site is down...thanks for saving money
Post #151670509 added 11-29-2021 11:55 AM by joshft91 in Deal Talk
I guess not - though I have a free sprayer coming with the nail gun I ordered and it's probably going straight to the trash unless I can find someone else to buy it off me. Just see no practical use...
Post #151670014 added 11-29-2021 11:47 AM by ChristopherJLee in Deal Talk
Was willing to get this, but doesn't come with the sprayer? WTH?
Post #151669990 added 11-29-2021 11:47 AM by joshft91 in Deal Talk
I know it's not the $27.99 deal but with this you get a 1.5ah battery + charger for an additional $21ish:...
Post #151669054 added 11-29-2021 11:29 AM by 08CivicSi in Deal Talk
Yes. I have it and really like it. Worked great for inflating and deflating pool toys last summer at the beach.
Post #151669018 added 11-29-2021 11:29 AM by AllChristmas in Deal Talk
I have this model and it's been awesome so far. From inflating a pool to tires on my kids bicycle, it does a fantastic job. It comes with nozzles and it is very well designed. The hose wraps around...
Post #151668949 added 11-29-2021 11:28 AM by blitzpa9 in Deal Talk
I love this thing. I use it constantly to top off tires and it's fantastic in summer for pool inflatables.
Post #151668781 added 11-29-2021 11:25 AM by FookNoe in Deal Talk
Great deal! Got it!! Thanks Easier than taking out my traditional air compressor. I’ll use this to inflate my tires when it gets too cold every year.
Post #151668772 added 11-29-2021 11:24 AM by AllChristmas in Deal Talk
Do you have any experience using the product?
Post #151668745 added 11-29-2021 11:24 AM by HonestMammoth473 in Deal Talk
Love mine. Paid $35 a couple years ago and no free sprayer. This deal is a no brainer if you need one.
Post #151668514 added 11-29-2021 11:20 AM by aznxenon in Deal Talk
Aw I wanted this. tt
Post #151668145 added 11-29-2021 11:14 AM by JohnJ6145 in Deal Talk
You must buy a battery and charger also This is only the air compressor tool only.
Post #151667938 added 11-29-2021 11:10 AM by twiggy_alien_man in Deal Talk
Thanks Slickdeals for the super delayed deal alert.
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