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Post #151747216 added 12-01-2021 6:46 AM by arethiz86 in Deal Talk
Thank goodness i grabbed the lenovo deal......Paid $1641 for the Lenova deal with a 3070...over the black Friday weekend that was posted here
Post #151730167 added 11-30-2021 4:58 PM by GooG6695 in Deal Talk
You really should adjust the price to be the list price after coupon and in the title put price + $50 Amazon gc. Manufacture specific points don't count against the price, and neither do gift cards....
Post #151729330 added 11-30-2021 4:34 PM by GooG6695 in Deal Talk
You missed the case which this is like a $50 montech level, and the AIO water cooler (basically around $60 cooler master level). Otherwise, good price breakdown, but I would never use in-store-only...
Post #151727935 added 11-30-2021 3:51 PM by Tech_007 in Deal Talk
Of course, go for it if they are around you lol
Post #151727161 added 11-30-2021 3:26 PM by kbtopdog in Deal Talk
Do you recommend Microcenter?
Post #151727128 added 11-30-2021 3:25 PM by tinaungkhine in Deal Talk
Anyone knows anything about GeForce RTX 3060 Ti - 8GB GDDR6 (VR-Ready) LHR or not.
Post #151726795 added 11-30-2021 3:18 PM by music3k in Deal Talk
Agreed, along with cyberpower pc, both are companies that scam customers and have 0 phone support. Whoever is building these for them is stealing parts and flipping them elsewhere.
Post #151724695 added 11-30-2021 2:22 PM by Tech_007 in Deal Talk
Realistically if I were to build this myself today, here is the price breakdown below. Some of the item costs will reset by tomorrow as the Cyber Monday deal will be over by then: MSI Z690 -...
Post #151724263 added 11-30-2021 2:08 PM by lostime in Deal Talk
I5-12600 system was $100 cheaper yesterday with the same perks
Post #151724236 added 11-30-2021 2:07 PM by Tortilla-Chip in Deal Talk
Cute...but I am correct per Intel Ark? I was also referring to the big.LITTLE architecture for mobile. I truly don't know why you think I'm wrong but I find your unprovoked response hilarious ...
Post #151724233 added 11-30-2021 2:07 PM by jomeyq in Deal Talk
How long will it take for this to ship? Any estimates given to those who ordered?
Post #151724056 added 11-30-2021 2:02 PM by sbbr121 in Deal Talk
How is this one for its price? https://www.ibuypower.com/store/Gaming-RDY-SLHRG209 Operating System :: Windows 11 Home Limited Time Offer :: - $50 Amazon gift card for system above...
Post #151724011 added 11-30-2021 2:00 PM by Ohsighrus in Deal Talk
You can get plenty of 600W PSU for $30 but a gold will run you $58. Pricing wise $28 isn't making a difference here as plenty of those items are +/-$20-$30 each.
Post #151723894 added 11-30-2021 1:57 PM by smackdownfletch in Deal Talk
Bought a full system from them in April because I couldn't find a 3080 anywhere. I've built thousands of machines over my lifetime (part of what I do for a living) and it was hard letting anyone else...
Post #151723825 added 11-30-2021 1:55 PM by criminalchungus in Deal Talk
where do you get a 600w gold psu for $30??
Post #151723750 added 11-30-2021 1:52 PM by Ohsighrus in Deal Talk
Z690 is about $200 - $250 12700KF can be swapped for 12700K which is $350 at microcenter 16 GB 3200 we will say $60 1 TB SSD we will say $100 600W PSU $60 $675-$900 for 3060ti depending on how...
Post #151723420 added 11-30-2021 1:45 PM by Tortilla-Chip in Deal Talk
The processor apparently has 8x high power cores and 4x efficiency cores..just like smartphones have had for years. Interesting for the desktop
Post #151723336 added 11-30-2021 1:42 PM by btrig in Deal Talk
NGLthis thing is a beast specs wise. Good deal
Post #151723174 added 11-30-2021 1:37 PM by ron_johnson in Deal Talk
horrible company, buy at your own risk
Post #151722412 added 11-30-2021 1:14 PM by fellhamster in Deal Talk
Got one. Thanks for sharing.
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