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Post #151890733 added 12-05-2021 2:17 PM by TheBookMan in Deal Talk
https://www.amazon.com/Keystone-00888-Non-Shunted-KT-SOCKET-T8-U-T-4-W-NON-SHUNTED/dp/B01NCORR1T This is the kit -- there may be others out there that are cheaper, this is the one I have...
Post #151818832 added 12-03-2021 7:05 AM by vid1900 in Deal Talk
The $29 was Lowes Deal Of The Day ....Although even at $40 ($2 a bulb), it may be the best deal on a brand name LED T8
Post #151816645 added 12-03-2021 5:33 AM by theskater101388 in Deal Talk
Showing $40 for me
Post #151816426 added 12-03-2021 5:20 AM by ZeeDuck in Deal Talk
Sadly tsglenn's link reflects my experience. I picked up some Type A T8 replacements not realizing that my fixtures were T12. They were useless for me in the end.
Post #151815217 added 12-03-2021 3:54 AM by AzSyndicate in Deal Talk
Shows as $40 now for me too.
Post #151814617 added 12-03-2021 2:06 AM by aberro in Deal Talk
My Lowes shows $40
Post #151814164 added 12-03-2021 12:54 AM by esskay in Deal Talk
Deal looks dead to me too. Does anyone have recommendations for a deal on good direct-wire T8 LEDs?
Post #151813930 added 12-03-2021 12:23 AM by friedryce in Deal Talk
Dead? Shows $40 for me.
Post #151813573 added 12-02-2021 11:50 PM by vo_danh in Deal Talk
So I got a ton of T8 bulbs for free and all my fixtures were T12. I found out quickly that T12 ballasts will kill the T8 bulbs pretty quick. T8 bults are NOT compatible for T12 only ballasts....
Post #151810546 added 12-02-2021 8:38 PM by vid1900 in Deal Talk
It's not a random mystery. You just look at the chart on the ballast label It shows exactly what bulbs the ballast can drive If it says T12 only - then you are stuck buying $6.00 Direct Wire...
Post #151809874 added 12-02-2021 8:07 PM by PoopyMcPoopyFace in Deal Talk
Dump those ballasts! They're unnecessary these days. Rewiring is not difficult. Some twist dies and wire snips get the job done easily.
Post #151809841 added 12-02-2021 8:05 PM by asuchemist in Deal Talk
Had to research this ballast bypass: https://www.1000bulbs.com/land/how-to-bypass-a-ballast tried replacing my t8 with the costco led t8 but one worked and 1 didn’t. readjusted the bulb then the...
Post #151809817 added 12-02-2021 8:04 PM by Hat-Trick in Deal Talk
For those wondering if T8 bulbs work where there are currently T12's, my story is that when I went to Home Depot to get more T12 Cool White bulbs in a 10-pack box, despite online saying the store had...
Post #151809538 added 12-02-2021 7:50 PM by joelva in Deal Talk
Ballast bypass is the only way to go. The LEDs are only 50% more efficient compared to a good working florescent. When the ballast are not working optimally, the savings are even more. I love...
Post #151809376 added 12-02-2021 7:43 PM by vid1900 in Deal Talk
Easy. You can just reuse the old tombstones, or get these if you want plug and play: https://www.amazon.com/JACKYLED-20-Pack-Non-shunted-Fluorescent-Replacements/dp/B072QY1M89
Post #151809286 added 12-02-2021 7:38 PM by arribasn in Deal Talk
Yes as pointed out I burnt out 4 of these trying to install in a unit with ballast that are going out
Post #151809019 added 12-02-2021 7:27 PM by Probedude in Deal Talk
Especially if the fluorescent fixture is cycled on and off a lot. We have a 4' troffer in the kitchen with 4 qty 4' T-8 bulbs. I'd have to replace the bulbs once a year because of the high on/off...
Post #151808311 added 12-02-2021 6:55 PM by firelikeiya in Deal Talk
But somehow neither seem to last nowhere near as long as the claims.
Post #151808029 added 12-02-2021 6:42 PM by vid1900 in Deal Talk
I bought two cases of these bulbs today to redo the 20-year-old fluorescent fixtures in my workshop. The LEDs were well packed, no broken bulbs or bent end pins in either box. They didn't make...
Post #151806748 added 12-02-2021 5:53 PM by blahbooboo2 in Deal Talk
Do you have a link to this kit? Is it easy for non-electrician?
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