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Post #151971772 added 12-08-2021 7:38 AM by SUCHaDEAL in Free Digital Goods
then skip the posts rather than making an issue of it, if this helped a few people not aware of it, worth the effort.
Post #151970488 added 12-08-2021 7:01 AM by tiggard in Free Digital Goods
tubi is free and they have new content every month. same for crackle, roku, xumo, pluto, peacock, etc. that doesn't make it worth posting.
Post #151969555 added 12-08-2021 6:27 AM by SUCHaDEAL in Free Digital Goods
Report me if you don't like it, most streaming services are not free!
Post #151964782 added 12-08-2021 12:13 AM by tiggard in Free Digital Goods
there are new titles on every streaming service every month. it doesn't make it worthy of posting.
Post #151952419 added 12-07-2021 2:15 PM by SUCHaDEAL in Free Digital Goods
it is in Free Stuff.----- Free Digital Goods.
Post #151952074 added 12-07-2021 2:01 PM by DeProof in Free Digital Goods
This belongs in free stuff then, not in hot deals, no?
Post #151936099 added 12-07-2021 4:38 AM by SUCHaDEAL in Free Digital Goods
who said this was new? however, many NEW titles were recently added for the holidays and don't be so pompous, there's many on SD who have no idea about this freebie on YT. New or not.
There are people that don’t know YouTube exists ?
Post #151914484 added 12-06-2021 10:58 AM by bbm4l1fe in Free Digital Goods
please learn to delete them yourself it helps everyone using the add on...
Post #151914430 added 12-06-2021 10:57 AM by DeProof in Free Digital Goods
Nah, they've got almost 64 thousand rep points. Def staff of some sort.
As has been pointed out, I fail to see the significance of this unless as a PSA, not enough people know that this has been around for a very long time. Pop back on once a month and see what has been...
Post #151913713 added 12-06-2021 10:32 AM by PliskinSnak in Free Digital Goods
Sniper Special Ops with Steven seagal....... Thank me later
Dont think this should be deleted, Others may not know this exist and could find this information useful.
Post #151912153 added 12-06-2021 9:43 AM by MMPG in Free Digital Goods
Uhmm interesting.. this explains the movie "before we go" I just watched on Vanced Friday night...I was like why they let me watch the whole movie for free...
Post #151912003 added 12-06-2021 9:39 AM by huzzl3r in Free Digital Goods
or maybe just someone who discovered Youtube 2 days ago.
Thanks for posting this, I find YouTuber sponsors segments annoying also.
Post #151909537 added 12-06-2021 8:24 AM by mja28 in Free Digital Goods
I noticed tons of spaghetti western movies for free.
Post #151908016 added 12-06-2021 7:29 AM by w9w8s in Free Digital Goods
You aren't using a very good ad blocker then. There are several that do exactly what you are saying they don't do.
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