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Post #152401303 added 12-23-2021 4:10 AM by OneOnline in Deal Talk
Where can I buy it? It's oos everywhere. Especially 16inch 3070.
Post #152397958 added 12-22-2021 9:33 PM by viper51989 in Deal Talk
You can't find good, high speed RAM with good timings for high end Ryzen processors for cheap on eBay. Another stupid, irrelevant point.
Post #152349364 added 12-21-2021 9:51 AM by OzMrOz in Deal Talk
That’s not the point. Windows OS should be included at this price. Would you not mind if they put bad rams in the pc just because you can find cheap rams at ebay?
Post #152229928 added 12-16-2021 9:29 PM by Dilbertic in Deal Talk
Oh Man I was getting all hot for this and then I saw it was a laptop......
Post #152229916 added 12-16-2021 9:28 PM by Bushrod in Deal Talk
Is the RAM upgradable on this puppy? I need 64 gigs.
Post #152150179 added 12-14-2021 9:41 AM by ulieq in Deal Talk
I'm not sure why they gimped this with the Ryzen when they could have had 5% extra performance with the 11800
Post #152124079 added 12-13-2021 12:17 PM by EdgarVerona in Deal Talk
Lower $/pound than high quality wagyu, I guess I'm in. What's the best seasoning to use on something like this? Is it heresy to use A-1?
Post #152115286 added 12-13-2021 7:47 AM by mr0x in Deal Talk
1..5 - 2 years But more probably never since in 0.5 years, the ethereum will no longer be minable.
Post #152112424 added 12-13-2021 5:59 AM by Osegood in Deal Talk
fark? what is wrong with slick deals these days? everyone downvotes everything into Oblivion even when comments are sensible or the deals are good (maybe not a "Slickdeal" but still good?
Post #152094721 added 12-12-2021 12:03 PM by BoastfulMice8832 in Deal Talk
You don't need a link to a common laptop, what? You need codes though, RAK- Cashback and HOLIDAYSURPRISE You just go to lenovos site and go to the legion 7i 3070..
Post #152092741 added 12-12-2021 10:53 AM by Vfxb in Deal Talk
Link for 7i please?
Post #152056144 added 12-10-2021 8:17 PM by CaptGeech in Deal Talk
So, back to the two laptops in question. I'm really thinking about getting one of these (if they are even both available). I have a 17 inch ROG now I'm replacing with a 1070 card and I imagine the 17...
Post #152022559 added 12-09-2021 7:35 PM by viper51989 in Deal Talk
Yeah, the 1440p 165hz screens this gen are leagues ahead of the high refresh options, both in terms of visual clarity and intelligibility but also color reproduction. Saying 1080p is the max you...
Post #152022367 added 12-09-2021 7:27 PM by viper51989 in Deal Talk
You were called out for making a stupid comment about a gaming laptop. None of the other laptops in this price segment or category come with windows 10 pro. Go buy a friggin ultrabook and get outta...
Post #152021038 added 12-09-2021 6:32 PM by ulieq in Deal Talk
Alder lake Mobile laptops are coming out in one month are already in laptops waiting the ship with 3O7o TI and 3080 tis and will offer a generational bump in gaming for laptops just wait
Post #152003380 added 12-09-2021 8:36 AM by DeC5799 in Deal Talk
In today's age where more and more people are connected and doing their banking shopping, and other activities online... and with AES-NI acceleration now on practically all newly sold CPUs (ARM,...
Post #152002726 added 12-09-2021 8:20 AM by DeC5799 in Deal Talk
FYI, Home offer Device Encryption if it detects the require TPM support is there (discreet or firmware). Go to Settings > Upgrade If your hardware/firmware pre-requisite are met, you should see the...
Post #151995679 added 12-08-2021 11:50 PM by Pricepicker in Deal Talk
How does laptop gaming compare to a computer? Im running ryzen 7 3800 with 1070ti on my built a while back. Im sick of waiting around for the graphic card. I'm thinking of selling it and get one of...
Post #151991962 added 12-08-2021 7:45 PM by Eluktronics in Deal Talk
Yes, the RTX 3070 and 3080 mobile doesn't have that big of a difference when it comes to mining crypto. The 3070 XVII edition properly tuned down to 115 watts with the memory clock up achieves...
Post #151987723 added 12-08-2021 4:33 PM by kstar1990 in Deal Talk
Here is a link to the 3070 model: https://www.eluktronics.com/Prometheus-XVII-1P16RBF yes
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