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Post #154468027 added 04-09-2022 2:34 PM by RyanK8394 in Deal Talk
These ever arrive for anyone? Seller said lost in shipping which is B's for not want to honor the deal basically
Post #152900587 added 01-15-2022 11:02 AM by thechoop in Deal Talk
I got tired of looking for my kitchen scissors so I bought a set of ultra heavy duty scissors. They are so hideous that none of my family will use them, hence, they are never misplaced (insert...
Post #152890684 added 01-14-2022 7:57 PM by almondwalnut123 in Deal Talk
Here's a better deal at Walmart for only $0.97: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Expert-Grill-Extra-Large-Grilling-and-Kitchen-Steel-Shears/678859467 I bought these and they work well. Good quality...
Post #152888854 added 01-14-2022 6:21 PM by SpinControl in Deal Talk
I hate "all-purpose kitchen shears" that don't cut through plastic. Some reviews indicate that. I buy the cheap Westcott $0.97 scissors at Walmart.. They are cheap. They are sharp. They are...
Post #152887567 added 01-14-2022 5:13 PM by akoforever22 in Deal Talk
What mean you "these people"? Me offense this!
Post #152886022 added 01-14-2022 3:51 PM by Wmgrant01 in Deal Talk
Dollar tree has these
Post #152885287 added 01-14-2022 3:18 PM by LimaCharlie in Deal Talk
Reviews appear mixed but it says free returns. I’ll give it a shot
Post #152883376 added 01-14-2022 1:47 PM by mrSparky in Deal Talk
They're $2 don't over think it. They are enough hard with thinkness blades. "Heavy Duty Poultry Shears with 4mm Thickness Blades, Enough Hard"
Post #152883097 added 01-14-2022 1:34 PM by mrSparky in Deal Talk
These come apart "The Scissors Separate for Cleaning, Easy to Disassemble and Re-install"
Post #152882740 added 01-14-2022 1:20 PM by zambadis in Deal Talk
Great, in for 2!
Post #152882596 added 01-14-2022 1:15 PM by kcmg20 in Deal Talk
Well for poultry, fish and raw meat I use shears that come apart so you can clean it properly.
Post #152882527 added 01-14-2022 1:12 PM by PetSpy in Deal Talk
if you need cheap poultry sheers, these work well for me; https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08CKSWGR1 i don't use it to cut drumstick bones, but it's great for poultry ribs and joints. i...
Post #152882182 added 01-14-2022 12:59 PM by teaberry in Deal Talk
Oh man, I sometimes use our kitchen sheers to cut cherry tomatoes like in the pic when I'm lazy to use a knife and board, and usually, it doesn't end well with everything squished and seeds flying...
Post #152881993 added 01-14-2022 12:52 PM by BradFang in Deal Talk
Reading your comment and accidentally thinking about it has made me realize each half of a pair of scissors is... A scissor? Can't put the genie back in the bottle on this one, I guess.
Post #152881726 added 01-14-2022 12:41 PM by BingW2893 in Deal Talk
Do I cut chicken with it or cut the food for chicken?
Post #152871514 added 01-13-2022 11:58 PM by karazi in Deal Talk
Ya gotta laugh at the "nut buster" feature....also "enough hard"..... Lol.... Then look at the questions and answers section.... Classic. I swear these people asked themselves the questions in the...
Post #152871175 added 01-13-2022 11:00 PM by monkeybiz in Deal Talk
thanks, I was headed that way since I lost my scissors. Never had this kind, best not run with them
Post #152871160 added 01-13-2022 10:56 PM by MemorableGalley266 in Deal Talk
Save 50% each on Qualifying items offered by Hudii US when you purchase 1 or more. Enter code JUE63648 at checkout. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B094VWMHX8

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