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Post #153187228 added 01-28-2022 4:25 PM by TechManDad in Hot Deals
For Balls I recommend wide mouth only.
Post #153104404 added 01-24-2022 8:22 PM by phu1 in Hot Deals
Regular mouth you can screw a blender blade bottom onto it. Great for making single servings of shakes and frozen margaritas!
Post #153102973 added 01-24-2022 6:53 PM by Trickyynicky in Hot Deals
I experimented last year with reusing old lids( I know ball says Not to). I inspected each one and discarded any with rust or damage. I did boil them first, but I’ve had pretty good success, most...
Post #153102772 added 01-24-2022 6:42 PM by Trickyynicky in Hot Deals
A case can be made for regular mouth. First being price(cheaper), availability(everyone wants wide mouth so I can often times find regular lids when large are unavailable). I use both but I tend to...
Post #153090964 added 01-24-2022 8:43 AM by mice.123 in Hot Deals
Plastic lids: Mainstays Pack of 8 BPA-Free Plastic Wide Mouth Canning Mason Jar Lids, White Mainstays Pack of 8 BPA-Free Plastic Wide Mouth Canning Mason Jar Lids, White - Walmart.com Ball...
Post #153089863 added 01-24-2022 7:49 AM by callmewise in Hot Deals
Second this. Grabbed a set at my local Target for $8.99 last night.
Post #153083086 added 01-23-2022 7:29 PM by nolife in Hot Deals
I already have enough of the regular mouth and some smaller jars so just stick with it for consistency. Yes, this is regular price. Sad state when something common and basic for the last 150...
Post #153071347 added 01-23-2022 7:59 AM by iguana in Hot Deals
you may buy substitute plastic lids on amazon…free kindle books on canning… virtual improv classes for comedy writers
Post #153063712 added 01-22-2022 5:56 PM by patius12 in Hot Deals
Not due to this deal...but I just bought a 12 pack from my local Target for about $10 a few hours ago. They had a half dozen or so on the shelves. Was not aware this stuff may be a hot commodity....
Post #153063403 added 01-22-2022 5:37 PM by magwheels in Hot Deals
https://www.amazon.com/Ball-Wide-Mouth-Plastic-Storage-8-Count/dp/B000SSN3L2?th=1 https://www.walmart.com/ip/Ball-One-piece-Leak-proof-Regular-Mouth-Storage-Lids-6-Pack/336221481 I have only...
Post #153059503 added 01-22-2022 1:29 PM by QueensGambit in Hot Deals
I know time machines haven’t been invented Doc brown… but these were $8.30 last year.
Post #153046999 added 01-21-2022 7:34 PM by JohnnyJ2922 in Hot Deals
Any idea where we can get the single piece lids for these jars? Not for pickling but want these to store spices and dealing with 2 piece lids are a hassle
Post #153043261 added 01-21-2022 3:48 PM by iamagooddealseeker in Hot Deals
Where can I find lids without bands? like the pasta jars Need to store spices
Post #153007393 added 01-20-2022 6:09 AM by MagentaFruit531 in Hot Deals
Can you send the link for the ones with plastic lids? Been looking for mason jar with just regular lids & not the ones like this which are in two pieces.
Post #153003490 added 01-19-2022 9:02 PM by Greenhill in Hot Deals
Target.com has the regular lids for $3.79. So this is MUCH cheaper.
Post #153001753 added 01-19-2022 7:04 PM by EfficientCrayon350 in Hot Deals
Perfect for my mycology project.
Post #153000823 added 01-19-2022 6:11 PM by lilprincess in Hot Deals
Food in Jars is a good resource for beginners. You can find her books at the library. If video is preferable, The Homesteading Family is really good. She covers everything and is easy to understand.
Post #152998279 added 01-19-2022 4:05 PM by dnabrice in Hot Deals
When all your lids are narrow mouth.
Post #152993155 added 01-19-2022 12:03 PM by BoeScout019 in Hot Deals
the only benefit is see, b/c i like wide mouth, is that you can fit more in the canner.
Post #152982853 added 01-19-2022 2:06 AM by rmaenner in Hot Deals
Didn’t want to pay shipping
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