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Post #153207370 added 01-29-2022 10:16 PM by nguyentracviet in Deal Talk
How does this compare to this laptop from Costco? https://www.costco.com/hp-pavilion-13.3%22-laptop---amd-ryzen-7-5800u---1920-x-1200---windows-11.product.100767826.html
Post #153185092 added 01-28-2022 2:30 PM by SlickCrowd6832 in Deal Talk
So I consider myself a bit of a Computer geek / Android geek and now Chromebook Tablet geek. I posted that product to show people what you can actually get. My form factor has always been...
Post #153181651 added 01-28-2022 11:29 AM by Dealer_Of_Slickness in Deal Talk
Yeah, I think you made the right choice for sure. Just don't fall for the HP extended warranty with damage protection. There's a lot of caveats to it where even claims for standard covered defects...
Post #153178714 added 01-28-2022 9:28 AM by SlickCrowd6832 in Deal Talk
Thanks... Price dropped $50 today. So that would be $850 less 5% for education discount (teachers)... and if you work for a big company you also may get a discount through a EPP program... I...
Everyone does... or do you? I ended up with a Samsung Notebook 7 and I never, EVER, use it in tablet mode. I forget it's a touchscreen 99% of the time. As far as that HP goes it's got better specs...
Post #153170959 added 01-27-2022 9:12 PM by SlickCrowd6832 in Deal Talk
I am warming up to this deal. But I feel everyone wants a convertible 13.3". What is your opinion about the... HP ENVY x360 Convert 13-ay1035nr...
Post #153164020 added 01-27-2022 2:28 PM by James_bond003 in Deal Talk
Well to each his own..I have an old Lenovo 15.6" laptop though it's not as light as a gram for sure, but after using 13.3" and 14" the 15.6" is too much of a size. So I mostly used the desktop...
Post #153160759 added 01-27-2022 11:47 AM by clarinetbob in Deal Talk
I respectfully disagree. I have a Gram 17” laptop and it’s amazingly portable. It has a footprint very close to a 15.9” laptop, and it is VERY lightweight. Love it!
There's really no comparison between mid-grade yoga and zenbook and this LG. Like I said before, it's more like a macbook than those. You're paying for the build quality, not just the specs.
Post #153147532 added 01-26-2022 6:00 PM by hooray_deals in Deal Talk
People need 64 CPU cores and 128GB RAM for light web browsing.
Post #153147394 added 01-26-2022 5:53 PM by SlickCrowd6832 in Deal Talk
So this paid advertisement by BuyDig is getting way to much credit... I still don't understand why people would not by this generation Ryzen 7 13.3" laptop for almost the same price. Fore...
Post #153136021 added 01-26-2022 9:20 AM by Yosemity in Deal Talk
Trying to understand how this was ever $1399… this sale price is about what it should be everyday…
Post #153128482 added 01-25-2022 9:17 PM by Tonyusch in Deal Talk
Are these two comparable? https://www.costco.com/asus-17.3%22-vivobook-s712ja-laptop---10th-gen-intel-core-i5-1035g1---1080p.product.100695827.html
Post #153127957 added 01-25-2022 8:44 PM by Tonyusch in Deal Talk
Thank you for the details!
Post #153119983 added 01-25-2022 2:54 PM by Bigshottt in Deal Talk
Trustpilot.com is garbage
Specs wise they are pretty close, probably never notice the difference between the ddr4 and the lpddr4 and the r7 vs i7. However, the dell has double the storage (easy fix) but I'm not sure how the...
You're unlikely to find 2560x1440 (aka 1440p, the more common res referred to for "2k") or higher on a 13-15" screen because at that resolution text and everything else becomes much smaller. Not to...
Post #153103735 added 01-24-2022 7:39 PM by Tonyusch in Deal Talk
How does this compare to Dell Inspiron 13.3" Laptop promo at Costco for $600? https://slickdeals.net/f/15581743-dell-inspiron-13-3-intel-evo-platform-laptop-300-off-at-costco-599?src=catpagev2
Post #153102736 added 01-24-2022 6:39 PM by chris2012 in Deal Talk
the screen is matte or glossy ?...thanks
Post #153099496 added 01-24-2022 3:30 PM by KapnKrunch22 in Deal Talk
The hp aero is basically this same size and weight with a newer cpu and 16:10 at a similar price. Seems like a better option all around.
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