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Post #153689857 added 02-25-2022 6:56 AM by Joanale in Hot Deals
it's $58 here https://www.ebay.com/itm/373843350922
Post #153246919 added 02-01-2022 5:19 AM by KnuckinFutz in Hot Deals
I agree. I have Corsair, my wife has Razer. Corsair IMO feels better but Razer has a much better UI for lighting customizations.
Post #153219949 added 01-30-2022 6:01 PM by jhyman in Hot Deals
Very YMMV, but I just found this keyboard (not in a bundle) on the clearance shelf at my local Target for $27. At that price I grabbed it just for a backup keyboard without knowing anything about...
Post #153200167 added 01-29-2022 12:48 PM by AI.Franco in Hot Deals
Damn there are some bad reviews about the space bar and other issues, aside from that should I wait for the EVGA Z15 to drop to 40-50 USD instead? Seems like an overall better keyboard than this one...
Post #153189397 added 01-28-2022 6:51 PM by Hyrax in Hot Deals
Waste your money. Ill still pwn you with a $10 mouse/keyboard combo
Post #153168052 added 01-27-2022 6:08 PM by ElatedShop4669 in Hot Deals
This is usually because the mobo only recognizes USB keyboards for bios on certain USB ports. Try different ports, usually the ones closest to where the PS/2 connectors used to be. Sometimes they'll...
Post #153143470 added 01-26-2022 2:35 PM by JakeDeals in Hot Deals
That is the TKL (Tenkeyless) version if you prefer no number pad. This is the 104 key version. I actually have both. I need the num pad for my work setup. ...
Post #153143419 added 01-26-2022 2:31 PM by JakeDeals in Hot Deals
On second look, you are correct. I meant the Phantom 104. But I think the Elite is effectively the same keyboard with some minor improvements.
Post #153132577 added 01-26-2022 6:35 AM by grampadeal in Hot Deals
The Phantom Elite isn’t sold in the U.S. for some reason. I have the Spectre Pro and it’s absolutely fantastic. Tecware makes good equipment.
Post #153121204 added 01-25-2022 3:42 PM by digidad in Hot Deals
Hi Jake, any links to that keyboard? I dont see the red (elite) in Amazon or Newegg. Thanks! EDIT: Found one red, is it this one?...
Post #153119818 added 01-25-2022 2:45 PM by jon4897 in Hot Deals
Usually those switches don't last I had many "cheap" third party switches and end up buying two keyboards every 1.5 years or less.
Post #153117793 added 01-25-2022 1:10 PM by ChrisC7705 in Hot Deals
I've had this set (or maybe the last vesrion) for years now and its working great for me. But I am no pro-gamer
Post #153117745 added 01-25-2022 1:07 PM by vyro in Hot Deals
I've had this keyboard for about 8 months. It started off well enough, but now I have key chatter, mostly on the space bar (often adds one to three extra spaces). Other keys are starting to show...
Post #153115321 added 01-25-2022 11:22 AM by MCasao in Hot Deals
I use the Corsair STRAFE RGB MK.2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard While the iCUE software is much more stable these days for me. No crashing in quiet awhile I do have an issue where my ASUS Z490i...
Post #153114907 added 01-25-2022 11:07 AM by destruct1214 in Hot Deals
iCue is terrible. 100% agree.
Post #153114427 added 01-25-2022 10:46 AM by CyanCrown295 in Hot Deals
Corsair’s hardware is top-tier, but their software can be problematic. On some of my older but capable devices, iCue can bring my system to a standstill until I reset the computer.
Post #153113197 added 01-25-2022 10:00 AM by Tuckin in Hot Deals
Sounds like a good warranty’s
Post #153112780 added 01-25-2022 9:45 AM by listerman05 in Hot Deals
I have ~5 of these keyboards and each one of them has a different set of keys that the LEDs are out of sync or bad on. Corsair just kept sending new ones each time it happened.
Post #153111256 added 01-25-2022 8:45 AM by JakeDeals in Hot Deals
I have the $45 Tecware Phantom Elite with red switches. I've had a lot of different budget friendly mechanical keyboards and it's fantastic. I know this is a good price for this keyboard but if it...
Post #153105856 added 01-24-2022 10:44 PM by shopkins82 in Hot Deals
I'd get something cheaper with third-party MX Blue or Red clone switches before I'd pay more for the less engineered Cherry Viola switches.
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