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Post #155116951 added 05-15-2022 1:57 PM by Intranetusa in Deal Talk
Ironically, Lian Li is a famous computer case producer that is generally known for producing higher end and higher quality computer cases.
Post #155116333 added 05-15-2022 1:13 PM by tgersh59 in Deal Talk
Easy down vote for merchant rep
Post #155114350 added 05-15-2022 10:28 AM by Intranetusa in Deal Talk
What is mini X ATX? I've heard of mATX/microATX and miniITX as small form factors but not mini X ATX.
Post #155108272 added 05-14-2022 8:17 PM by BlueWinter931 in Deal Talk
Mini and glass just see opposite. I get it that it probably fits some suss cases but the only reason I would do mini is portability and if it's portable then I definitely do not want glass. My...
Post #155104354 added 05-14-2022 1:54 PM by OneSlickDeal in Deal Talk
Nice, we don't need motherboard? Slick deal!
Post #155103352 added 05-14-2022 12:24 PM by dommer in Deal Talk
Sure, just don't forget to add a processor, video card, ram, keyboard, mouse, headset and monitor.
Post #155101786 added 05-14-2022 10:21 AM by fELLAbUSTA in Deal Talk
Can this run Fortnite?
Post #155101384 added 05-14-2022 9:49 AM by DanweiD in Deal Talk
Bought last year and can confirm the fan of the PSU is the loudest part of the whole PC. I have a open loop tho. But when that fan kicks in, it's very very obvious it kicked in
Post #155099875 added 05-14-2022 7:54 AM by cantalup in Deal Talk
Was it 150 last year? Bought one
Post #155097319 added 05-14-2022 1:25 AM by Carbon_K5 in Deal Talk
I also bought this combo a few months back from a FP deal. Very easy to build in and looks gorgeous. I went through 4 different pc cases from different styles and brands before I decided that I liked...
Post #155095618 added 05-13-2022 8:46 PM by SlickFang980 in Deal Talk
I have this case as my gaming PC and it is absolutely phenomenal. Just keep in mind that it was designed for water cooler, BUT air cooler will work as well. I've had it for 2 years and I'm still...
Post #155095279 added 05-13-2022 8:20 PM by xyooj in Deal Talk
Rocking one from last FP deal. Beautiful case.
Post #155094484 added 05-13-2022 7:31 PM by reron in Deal Talk
I got this combo last year. It’s a beautiful case, highly configurable, accepts ITX, mATX, ATX motherboards and only take SFX and SFX-L PSU. I did front monitor mod (and bought wallpaper engine...
Post #155093563 added 05-13-2022 6:32 PM by privater in Deal Talk
According to numerous reviews and user report this psu have one of the worst fan noise in sfx psu category: https://www.techpowerup.com/review/lian-li-sp750-750-w-sfx-psu/11.html
Post #155093092 added 05-13-2022 6:00 PM by doughnet in Deal Talk
Awesome case and power supply. I did one Christmas break.
Post #155096707 added 05-12-2022 12:08 AM by johnny_miller in Deal Talk
Lian Li via Newegg has Lian Li SP750 750W Full Modular 80+ Gold Power Supply + O11D Mini-X ATX Mini Tower Computer Case + $15 Newegg Promotional Gift Card for $169.99 . Shipping is free. Thanks to...
Post #155060776 added 05-12-2022 12:08 AM by sr71 in Deal Talk
https://www.newegg.com/p/2AM-000Z-00077?Item=9SIAFSTEG39978 adds a $15 GC to the prev FP

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