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Price is now up to $200
Post #155125810 added Today 6:18 AM by LZsoul in Deal Talk
Price jumped to $199 :(
Post #155123404 added Yesterday 10:50 PM by SOB in Deal Talk
I think someone linked the treasure truck deal I got, but there were also other deals for that model at 230 straight from amazon and 260 with a mouse and keyboard too.
Post #155120818 added Yesterday 7:01 PM by osiris3mc in Deal Talk
This is great to know. I’ll be in Europe for a month this summer but need to work. Anything catch your attention for a good travel monitor?
Post #155119900 added Yesterday 5:50 PM by AdamA1738 in Deal Talk
I picked up two of these a few months ago when it was at 200. It's a great monitor. One thing to note is it has a unique vesa timing so if you're buying this for a next gen console like the series x,...
Post #155119492 added Yesterday 5:20 PM by labdab2 in Deal Talk
I've had two of these for over a year now. This monitor has been posted pretty regularly for a while. The discussion is always the same. You won't get better specs for a better price. Ghosting and...
Post #155113762 added Yesterday 9:45 AM by PhatAzz in Deal Talk
https://www.google.com/search?q=internet+cafe+hacienda+heights&rlz=1C1ONGR_enUS985US985&oq=internet+... since covid we haven't been to one, last time was probably late 2019 to be honest. Not...
Post #155113345 added Yesterday 9:12 AM by bluetorch13 in Deal Talk
now it make sense, nice!
Post #155112871 added Yesterday 8:34 AM by PhatAzz in Deal Talk
internet cafe's still exist where I live -> high density of asian population.
Post #155112508 added Yesterday 8:06 AM by pug_ster in Deal Talk
Not really, I got the non curved version of this monitor and it is sharper than some low end ips monitor.
Post #155112133 added Yesterday 7:34 AM by Pyronic120 in Deal Talk
At least not at 144hz. There was a scepter 2k 27" going for 150 a few weeks ago.
Post #155111149 added Yesterday 6:01 AM by edubois87a in Deal Talk
I've been using this exact monitor for almost 2 years now. I love it. Thinking about grabbing a second one for my work setup. Instead of using 2 monitors I've turned into an Alt-Tab pro. Edit: I bit...
Post #155111062 added Yesterday 5:49 AM by bluetorch13 in Deal Talk
"local internet cafe"... wait, did I wake up in year 2000?
Post #155110093 added Yesterday 2:58 AM by ChadBroDeal in Deal Talk
I suspect it was https://slickdeals.net/f/15647437-hp-27-inch-qhd-gaming-monitor-x27q-amazon-treasure-truck-179-99
Post #155109580 added Yesterday 12:05 AM by FeistyPolice978 in Deal Talk
How does this compare to the lenovo g27q for $25 more?...
Post #155108347 added 05-14-2022 8:25 PM by JDeez1 in Deal Talk
How does this compare to Dell S2721DGF monitor?
Post #155107849 added 05-14-2022 7:33 PM by Blorg in Deal Talk
Nothing at this price can touch this monitor. If your budget is limited and you are done with your 24 inch 1080p low refresh rate office monitor and want to step into 1440p gaming this is it. You...
Post #155106832 added 05-14-2022 5:37 PM by Scorpiones in Deal Talk
Would this work with Series X|S and PS5 for 1080-1440 at 120hz?
Post #155106316 added 05-14-2022 4:48 PM by ryanlcarpenter in Deal Talk
It’s a VA panel and on the cheap side, so most likely terrible.
Post #155105185 added 05-14-2022 2:58 PM by HusLol in Deal Talk
Monoprice monitor is cheap for a reason. I won’t buy it anymore since the color is weird
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