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Post #155259118 added 05-23-2022 9:55 AM by TheHeartless in Hot Deals
I love Soundwave, but I can't get over those huge calves and tiny feet. Looks like he's wearing UGG boots.
Post #155245732 added 05-22-2022 1:59 PM by HowardC3018 in Hot Deals
No, Soundwave transformed into a microcassette recorder... it was clearly printed on the toy itself. Both he and Blaster's tapes were 1 to 1 scale with microcassettes. It makes zero sense...
Post #155189137 added 05-19-2022 11:20 AM by CompassionateVeg in Hot Deals
Post #155182867 added 05-19-2022 6:13 AM by Jerry_Clarkman in Hot Deals
This looks awful! Robots don’t need muscles! He looks like robot Popeye! And the alt mode looks like he melted
Post #155158549 added 05-17-2022 6:47 PM by twztid13 in Hot Deals
Same. I was wondering why i couldn't find a pic of what ot transformed into. After i finally did, i understood why... What even is that, lol? Just some random shaped imaginary vehicle? No thanks, i...
Post #155158543 added 05-17-2022 6:46 PM by GandalfNYC in Hot Deals
Not what she said, since that's about all many can even take. :lol:
Post #155153380 added 05-17-2022 1:25 PM by Jon_G in Hot Deals
Post #155152906 added 05-17-2022 1:00 PM by RyanC6339 in Hot Deals
In for one. I keep looking at him and I think he is a decent design. plus the 3rd party mod market help add cool details and effects. Also got Ravage
Post #155149477 added 05-17-2022 10:18 AM by SeriesXM in Hot Deals
I thought the same exact thing, but the product title has an 83 in it and that made me think back to the classic original movie from 1986. When the Autoboots and Decepticons were still on Cybertron,...
Post #155147506 added 05-17-2022 8:44 AM by tsunamix in Hot Deals
I bought one with the core class Ravage. Ravage fits inside Soundwave's chest.
Post #155146708 added 05-17-2022 8:00 AM by androidf58 in Hot Deals
I bought one and https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09H1PKNRC/ with the expectation that Ravage goes inside
Post #155146192 added 05-17-2022 7:28 AM by jiggydancer in Hot Deals
He should be turning into an iPhone instead.
Post #155145508 added 05-17-2022 6:46 AM by Enternal in Hot Deals
Just a heads up, last two transformers I ordered from Amazon came in an non-bubble bag and were smashed. While people that open their figures may not think that is a big deal, many of these...
Post #155144545 added 05-17-2022 5:38 AM by WhiskeyTangoDV in Hot Deals
I know Toys R Us and Walmart/Target did a ton of exclusives a few years back as part of the anniversary. I have the Soundwave that turns into a boombox and has 2 tapes. They haven't really gone up in...
Post #155143963 added 05-17-2022 4:40 AM by Topside in Hot Deals
Just one of several. That was Ravage... some of the other notable ones were Laserbeak, Rumble, Frenzy and Buzzsaw. Rumble and Frenzy transformed into regular robot forms... Laser Beak and Buzzsaw...
Post #155142460 added 05-16-2022 11:01 PM by Meribela_S in Hot Deals
WTF is this monstrosity...
Post #155142400 added 05-16-2022 10:52 PM by MVives in Hot Deals
... because Walmart has exclusive rights to the mold (shape) for at least a certain period of time. Until that expires, you won't see that same mold used again, even with a different deco (colors).
Post #155141962 added 05-16-2022 10:01 PM by CleverOctopus448 in Hot Deals
hey, nobody calls soundwave uncrassamatic!"
Post #155141281 added 05-16-2022 8:57 PM by DunderPower in Hot Deals
I found BT transformer Transformers Bumblebee Bluetooth Speakers,Mini Creative Portable with Light Up LEDWireless Stereo Pairing,Suitablefor connecting to computer, inserting TF card and...
Post #155141149 added 05-16-2022 8:50 PM by taiwan in Hot Deals
I didn’t realize it was rare because my Walmart used to carry several. I also didn’t realize it transforms into a cassette deck.
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