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Post #155260750 added 05-23-2022 11:08 AM by juggafist in Deal Talk
I actually just left Best Buy with this laptop. Got the price match, and I had a promo linked to my Best Buy CC for 10% back in rewards (max $50)
Post #155248924 added 05-22-2022 6:33 PM by Hussar86 in Deal Talk
None of the components are upgradable.
Post #155204557 added 05-20-2022 7:11 AM by zachslusser in Deal Talk
Can you upgrade the memory from 8 to 16 yourself?
Post #155182213 added 05-19-2022 5:21 AM by kylansb in Deal Talk
8gb is not also not enough if you use more than 15 tabs on chrome, i have the 16gb and right now my ram pressure is in the yellow with 4gig on memory swap.
Post #155171425 added 05-18-2022 12:37 PM by Luigis3rdcousin in Deal Talk
Knowing Apple, they may just discontinue this, the new M2 Mac could easily be $1200 base price with inflation going on right now, and they are having issues with manufacturing at the moment....
Post #155171353 added 05-18-2022 12:34 PM by Luigis3rdcousin in Deal Talk
I know several people who have the base model M1 Mac and do video editing and they have no problem, but I hear lots of complaints of people who don’t have M1 macs say they don’t work for video...
Post #155170603 added 05-18-2022 12:03 PM by SlickCrowd6832 in Deal Talk
The M1 integrates an Apple designed eight-core (seven in some base models) graphics processing unit (GPU)
Post #155168167 added 05-18-2022 10:01 AM by EfficientFeather178 in Deal Talk
i'm tempted to get this for my wife, but isn't the m2 chip coming out this year and won't this just get much lower?
Post #155167375 added 05-18-2022 9:24 AM by naexist in Deal Talk
Can you give a source on this? I follow this thoroughly and every single established rumor-mill has hinted to a late Fall release for the new Air. We would have gotten many leaks if the...
Post #155167288 added 05-18-2022 9:20 AM by naexist in Deal Talk
If you need to use apps that are not ARM-native, then 8 GB is really not enough. Rosetta is incredibly swap-happy, which increases the chances of failure for the SSD. Otherwise, 8 GB now goes much...
Post #155166997 added 05-18-2022 9:06 AM by Nautian in Deal Talk
I’m on Monterey 12.4 the latest release, as far as the quoted battery life, people replicated it on YT and got close to it but for normal usage I don’t expect to get the same. I guess it just depends...
Post #155166991 added 05-18-2022 9:06 AM by violenthistory in Deal Talk
As in data transfer? I've had no issues connecting USB 3.0 External Hard Drives, and Flash Drives to transfer files, including video.
Post #155166856 added 05-18-2022 9:00 AM by violenthistory in Deal Talk
I charge it more often than the 2015 for sure. Apple also initially said MBA 2020 could get 18 hours with video playback, and 15 hours normal web use. Are you running Monterey?
Post #155166835 added 05-18-2022 8:58 AM by DmitriyM1487 in Deal Talk
does that allow video transfer via type c
Post #155166718 added 05-18-2022 8:50 AM by sillar68 in Deal Talk
And it will only be for preorder until its available a few weeks later, and will cost $200 more for a few months after initial release.
Post #155166157 added 05-18-2022 8:20 AM by Alchemic in Deal Talk
True but it won't be released until the fall at earliest and is expected to start at$1200
Post #155166142 added 05-18-2022 8:19 AM by Alchemic in Deal Talk
This is an excellent laptop. I bought it for my wife but returned it a week later as the 8gb/256gb was too little. we got the same m1 laptop but with 16gb and 512gb. Battery life is amazing, she's...
Post #155165512 added 05-18-2022 7:37 AM by Nautian in Deal Talk
I came from a Dell XPS so this long battery life was something I never experienced before. I can get 10+ hrs out of it on battery, is that lower than 2015 MBA?
Post #155165317 added 05-18-2022 7:23 AM by violenthistory in Deal Talk
Awesome deal. M1 is incredibly powerful. USB C only is dealt with easily by buying USB to USB C adapters on Amazon. Like $10. Only caveat is the battery does not last long. I upgraded from a...
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