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Post #156758386 added 08-03-2022 8:43 PM by 7heguy20 in Deal Talk
Post #155454511 added 06-02-2022 12:10 PM by PurpleNarwhal4168 in Deal Talk
No she only goes for 9 and under
Post #155453908 added 06-02-2022 11:45 AM by dirk in Deal Talk
Are you 10 years old ?
Post #155392819 added 05-30-2022 8:35 AM by s1xty7 in Deal Talk
Tool is still on their site (their search function is not ideal). https://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200685183_200685183 Still $249 with free shipping and code 280425 still takes...
Post #155317540 added 05-26-2022 1:53 AM by miuk in Deal Talk
Looks like this is now gone from the Northern Tools site
Post #155270821 added 05-23-2022 7:04 PM by swert842 in Deal Talk
The m12 stubby impact wrench is on sale all the time.
Post #155269972 added 05-23-2022 6:20 PM by s1xty7 in Deal Talk
Also available from Northern Tool for $219 with free shipping with code mentioned in this thread:...
Post #155269768 added 05-23-2022 6:09 PM by eddie277 in Deal Talk
Typical Milwaukee guy thing to do. Deflect from the statement over something dumb like grammar. Guess what? Milwaukee aint the best in everything. Dewalt isnt either. Neither is makita. They all have...
Post #155267509 added 05-23-2022 4:18 PM by SharpLinen393 in Deal Talk
Post #155267464 added 05-23-2022 4:16 PM by SharpLinen393 in Deal Talk
Do you have the English version of this statement?
Post #155263993 added 05-23-2022 1:38 PM by eddie277 in Deal Talk
Yea ok one tool. Ill name some flexvolt grinder, circular saw, sds max and sds plus rotary hammers all of them in class, drills, flexvolt demo saw, full size bandsaw. But yea keep tellin yourself its...
Post #155263729 added 05-23-2022 1:26 PM by nocandefendRN in Deal Talk
Thanks for posting deal. I wish this was M12 fuel impact wrench deal… hardly ever see it on sale
Post #155263543 added 05-23-2022 1:18 PM by sl0r1d3r in Deal Talk
I was in the same boat. Rusted nuts and bolts working on my drive shaft. My 2767 busted everything loose. Best $200 I've spent on a tool considering the time and frustration it ended up saving me. ...
Post #155263252 added 05-23-2022 1:04 PM by csl4424 in Deal Talk
1/2 impact wrench w / Friction ring High Torque shows sold out for me.
Post #155263072 added 05-23-2022 12:56 PM by trkndude299 in Deal Talk
Thats a test with the Milwaukee mid torque, not the 2767. Then again, Milwaukee has at least 3 different mid torque models and the 2767 is in a league all it's own. Now that DeWalt has some...
Post #155262862 added 05-23-2022 12:48 PM by trkndude299 in Deal Talk
The friction ring, or the detent pin is what holds the sockets on. If you take off the friction ring the socket will not stay on the anvil.
Post #155262517 added 05-23-2022 12:32 PM by goyangyi1 in Deal Talk
How do you take off the friction ring? My sockets dont fit over them
Post #155261848 added 05-23-2022 12:00 PM by PghSteelerFan43 in Deal Talk
When compared to Milwaukee’s “mid-torque” model, the Dewalt wins out. But the Impact in this deal is in a different league. Again, that Dewalt looks like a nice, lighter-weight impact; but the...
Post #155260570 added 05-23-2022 11:00 AM by Slavikoslov in Deal Talk
I have both the Milwaukee M18 Fuel 18-Volt Brushless Cordless 1/2" Impact Wrench and the 1/4" Surge Hex Hydraulic Driver... I have to say that both have been nothing short of amazing. I do all lot of...
Post #155260411 added 05-23-2022 10:53 AM by PatrickH2067 in Deal Talk
It's more than just the one tool. Their new drill is king too. Dewalt finally has a winning combination, especially with the stacked batt. I suspect tool after tool is going to be released over the...
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