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Post #155914939 added 06-27-2022 7:26 PM by sky0102 in Hot Deals
Planning to buy one to leave in the office instead of lugging around the 4-pound laptop that they issued me.
Post #155902387 added 06-27-2022 8:04 AM by WellingtonWonka in Hot Deals
I don’t think anyone cares about the grammar police on slickdeals broseph
Post #155889022 added 06-26-2022 10:00 AM by cgigate in Hot Deals
You can sideload MS Office software apk, if you know how
Post #155883523 added 06-25-2022 9:12 PM by cgigate in Hot Deals
Then fix the brain first to be better cared
Post #155880529 added 06-25-2022 4:55 PM by harom1971 in Hot Deals
Shows $149.99 now
Post #155879122 added 06-25-2022 3:01 PM by pmit in Hot Deals
Anyone know for sure if a charger and cable are included? It looks like USB-c charging but I didn't see a mention and the 'contact the seller' via ebay does not succeed.
Post #155879077 added 06-25-2022 2:59 PM by pmit in Hot Deals
It says 180 degrees (which is flat) - does not mention 360 degrees.
Post #155879011 added 06-25-2022 2:55 PM by pmit in Hot Deals
I care.
Post #155875066 added 06-25-2022 10:19 AM by cgigate in Hot Deals
N4020 released date is November 4, 2019.... Bush ended it's presidency at January 20, 2009
Post #155851516 added 06-24-2022 5:00 AM by slugbug in Hot Deals
I bought one of these to permanently keep in our old camper. I figure it will give us something to watch h.265 videos on. Plus, with the touchscreen, I can put some favorite Android games on it. I...
Post #155849149 added 06-23-2022 10:38 PM by geniv in Hot Deals
Yes it does.
Post #155849128 added 06-23-2022 10:35 PM by geniv in Hot Deals
I got this 6 months ago for $219 new. at $131 it is very good for what it is - ips screen - touch screen
Post #155847598 added 06-23-2022 8:27 PM by luvboox in Hot Deals
I swear these Intel Celeron N4020s have been in computers since Bush was President.
Post #155846908 added 06-23-2022 7:44 PM by anil_robo in Hot Deals
Considering this is an intel based device, and several Android games are made for ARM devices, will I run into any compatibility issues with games?
Post #155846341 added 06-23-2022 7:04 PM by djbills in Hot Deals
Technically it looks like it could. If I'm not mistaken, this is the cb315-3h, which is the BLORB motherboard (who comes up with these names?), and there is a UEFI firmware available. But, I don't...
Post #155845135 added 06-23-2022 5:51 PM by newgun in Hot Deals
I’m thinking of selling my 128GB version bought in June 2020, almost two years ago. The speakers have tiny sound.
Post #155845099 added 06-23-2022 5:50 PM by cgigate in Hot Deals
No one cares...there is a Chrome OS called "Chrome OS Flex" to install on most any x86 PC ...
Post #155842288 added 06-23-2022 3:00 PM by PurpleTree8225 in Hot Deals
doubt it - i think eMMC means its soldered in "64GB eMMC Storage"
Post #155842012 added 06-23-2022 2:42 PM by PlatinumButterfly in Hot Deals
If you only need to work on your own documents you can always use Google docs. Google docs is able to open and save Microsoft word and excel files. However, if you specifically need word and excel to...
Post #155841880 added 06-23-2022 2:34 PM by JonathanY3710 in Hot Deals
Does the monitor fold back to turn it into a tablet? I’m interested in a cheap large screen device to use as a HomeAssistant kiosk attached to the wall.
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