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Post #155999203 added Yesterday 8:37 AM by Evann89581 in Hot Deals
Bought these a few years back and I've been pretty happy with them so far. Selling our house and we've looked at like 20 houses and many have samsungs and they feel like complete pieces of shit...
Post #155989228 added 07-01-2022 4:25 PM by Franco7xx in Hot Deals
Imho, LGs and Samsung have that wow factor with their dimming led lights and different design features. But what matters most is reliability and these two seem to be on the lower end of the scale....
Post #155988979 added 07-01-2022 4:08 PM by Franco7xx in Hot Deals
I am in the same boat as you. My 14 yr old KitchenAid/Whirlpool SxS bit the dust last week but I have been using it as a cooler since I have an older full size upright GE freezer in our wash room. I...
Post #155980522 added 07-01-2022 9:00 AM by LookIn123 in Hot Deals
Yes but it doesn't apply to major appliances.
Post #155980234 added 07-01-2022 8:47 AM by dommy56 in Hot Deals
Post #155978578 added 07-01-2022 7:25 AM by LookIn123 in Hot Deals
Can you please let me know anywhere it specified that major appliances will get 2 years additional warranty with a Costco city card? Even the website is also not confirming this. ...
Post #155975428 added 07-01-2022 2:46 AM by CoralLadybug5147 in Hot Deals
Since it's hard to access, I forget that there are a lot of frozen foods tucked away in the freezer drawers.
Post #155975398 added 07-01-2022 2:40 AM by CoralLadybug5147 in Hot Deals
So far, I have enjoyed the delivery and installation process.
Post #155975221 added 07-01-2022 1:56 AM by FabulousString1994 in Hot Deals
Great find. In for 2. On Memorial Day, how much was this?
Post #155959819 added 06-30-2022 8:17 AM by Deal.me.in in Hot Deals
We have a multiple dented refrig. I just printed some pictures on paper and cut out and taped over the dents. Major money saved, and no one is wiser about the dents.
Post #155956369 added 06-30-2022 1:20 AM by EagerSnow8429 in Hot Deals
Ice balls by LG or bust. thanks
Post #155955013 added 06-29-2022 9:23 PM by drchipter in Hot Deals
I have a GE fridge. Except for the occasional ice forming problem, it's going on 14th year now (knocking on wood). Today I open the back panel to clean the condenser coil and surprise surprise the...
Post #155954776 added 06-29-2022 8:52 PM by Solandri in Hot Deals
Yes they do. Every year they ask all subscribers to complete a survey, and report which cars, appliances, devices, etc. they own, how old it is, and if it broke (with cars they break it down further...
Post #155954554 added 06-29-2022 8:33 PM by fbskiracer in Hot Deals
We had one of these delivered Aug 2020. It had died twice in the last 3 months. Randomly. It seems to over heat and the compressor freezes up. It usually takes a day to recover before it works but...
Post #155943004 added 06-29-2022 8:39 AM by asic_bbc in Hot Deals
Reliability opinion from an appliance repair guy, fridges section starts at 15 minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRgbfxJ8MTQ basically avoid LG fridges for now
Post #155942482 added 06-29-2022 8:09 AM by bears2006 in Hot Deals
I've had a couple of Samsungs, an LG, a Whirlpool, a Bosch, etc., and all had some varying level of issue (e.g., ice maker, ice build up, clicking noises). I also did extensive research (plus...
Post #155942461 added 06-29-2022 8:08 AM by gtdeal in Hot Deals
I like KitchenAid but they are so expensive now.
Post #155939674 added 06-29-2022 3:57 AM by AmusedMeal841 in Hot Deals
Samsung makes garbage quality refrigerators and I tell people to look at other brands. Their icemakers fail within a couple of years on most models and then you're like me, using ice cube trays...
Post #155938909 added 06-29-2022 12:48 AM by LavenderArm2170 in Hot Deals
This is a great deal. This model, but with two bottom drawers (instead of one) is not even close to this price.
Post #155932822 added 06-28-2022 4:44 PM by dommy56 in Hot Deals
If you purchase through Costco Citi Card, you will get additional 2 years after the standard warranty of 2 years. So you're covered for 4 years. It says the All State protection plan will cover...
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