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Post #155868964 added 06-24-2022 10:48 PM by PurpleTree8225 in Hot Deals
i paid $6.99, invoice shows a $1.50 coupon and -$1.50 on what must have been 15% S+S $6.99 was mentioned also by an earlier poster iirc
Post #155868916 added 06-24-2022 10:43 PM by PurpleTree8225 in Hot Deals
they used to be available at the Dollar Tree (for $1 each ofc) but im not positive that they were 5.5 ounce cans, they were large though, much larger than 2.5 oz - it been about a year since i was at...
Post #155859238 added 06-24-2022 11:55 AM by AmusedVolcano1204 in Hot Deals
Do they still make the honey butter flavor? Cause those are addictive af.
Post #155859214 added 06-24-2022 11:54 AM by AmusedVolcano1204 in Hot Deals
Granted it could be my age and diet habits, but I noticed the lack of seasoning when I bought some for a road trip last month. Shrinkflation on seasoning or my tastebuds? Either way I was sad.
Post #155858287 added 06-24-2022 11:16 AM by luckygecko in Hot Deals
If you read this with context, the poster is talking about a random Amazon warehouse facility, not Amazon Warehouse sales. I experienced the same thing.
Post #155858173 added 06-24-2022 11:11 AM by luckygecko in Hot Deals
I got these last time. They do not have much flavor at all. They arrived (from Amazon) with about 30-40% of the chips in splinters.
Post #155855212 added 06-24-2022 8:37 AM by Octorock in Hot Deals
He pringle, he single, he ready to mingle! https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D7a-7qeXkAAUl7H.jpg:large
Post #155848738 added 06-23-2022 9:57 PM by the.barbrR in Hot Deals
Lays Stax > Pringles
Post #155846671 added 06-23-2022 7:29 PM by JayW7752 in Hot Deals
They are. Noticed this a few weeks ago when we bought some for a camping trip. Tried the Aldi’s version (Clancy) and it’s a big difference. Doritos is doing the same thing across their flavors too.
Post #155845576 added 06-23-2022 6:21 PM by jillier in Hot Deals
It doesn't come from. Amazon warehouse.
Post #155845567 added 06-23-2022 6:20 PM by jillier in Hot Deals
Cardboard isn't recyclable?
Post #155845546 added 06-23-2022 6:19 PM by jillier in Hot Deals
Walmart is $9.99. How is that cheaper????
Post #155845471 added 06-23-2022 6:14 PM by dolfin in Hot Deals
Last time I got these most of the chips were completely crushed. Maybe like 5-8 whole chips in the can. Your experience may vary, but if your Amazon warehouse people are throwers, you'll be...
Post #155844985 added 06-23-2022 5:44 PM by koolhandnick in Hot Deals
With shrinkflation, each tube will be a 12 pack.
Post #155843278 added 06-23-2022 3:54 PM by samHD in Hot Deals
Same experience here. 1/3 of the can had unbroken chips. the rest were large crumbs. Still tasted good. ;-)
Post #155843203 added 06-23-2022 3:48 PM by BobBlah in Hot Deals
👎 This is still one of the worst product packages in regards to recycling.
Post #155843194 added 06-23-2022 3:48 PM by diamok in Hot Deals
I'm assuming he is going off of the fact that I paid $6.99 for my S&S order. Cheers,
Post #155843113 added 06-23-2022 3:43 PM by Playstation4 in Hot Deals
He did his math wrong. it's actually like $1.36/oz.
Post #155843092 added 06-23-2022 3:42 PM by Playstation4 in Hot Deals
Where did you get $6.99 from? It's $7.99. Your math is wrong.
Post #155843083 added 06-23-2022 3:41 PM by diamok in Hot Deals
5.5oz cans of Sour Crean & Onion Pringles at my local Kroger are $1.89. Soo, if you're trying to say were paying too much for the 2.5oz can, you're wrong and $1.28 would still be a deal. FYI, the...
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