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Post #155908171 added 06-27-2022 1:07 PM by PurpleWren887 in Deal Talk
I wrote a massive write-up and lost it unfortuntely. So sad, it was in depth. I'll keep this as brief as my passion will let me as I don't want to write everything all over again. I'll paraphrase....
Post #155905084 added 06-27-2022 10:28 AM by Meribela_S in Deal Talk
I don't think Wemax works on Android. These are products from another company branded as Wemax and resold. If anything it would be the parent company and there's almost zero percent change that there...
Post #155879224 added 06-25-2022 3:09 PM by Casan0va in Deal Talk
I watched a few YouTube videos where I’ve heard twice from 2 diff videos that Wemax told them there might be a Android 10 update in August. I don’t know true this is, but I’m mentioning it lol
Post #155878690 added 06-25-2022 2:28 PM by portezbie in Deal Talk
The biggest issue I typically have with projectors this size is you can only do so much with a speaker that size so you'll still probably want an external speaker of some kind. 600 lumens though...
Post #155878270 added 06-25-2022 1:54 PM by imjustatomato in Deal Talk
This company basically lies about the resolution. I bought their "1080p" projector before and found that it was actually a 540p projector. It never said 540p anywhere on the web page. Frustrating...
Post #155878111 added 06-25-2022 1:44 PM by raharu14 in Deal Talk
The main selling point of this is on how well it performs for its size. You shouldn't expect this to match up with a big-arse projector that requires ceiling mounting. This small projector has laser...
Post #155860549 added 06-24-2022 1:08 PM by slickster7 in Deal Talk
Have you used this Wemax projector to compare? I’ve used both and would politely disagree as the Wemax is both aesthetically and visually superior in my opinion (power bank compatible as well and...
Post #155855371 added 06-24-2022 8:44 AM by SungH in Deal Talk
Theres been a lot of complaints about buggy interface on Samsung freestyle which was big let down to most of people. Did samsung fix this issue with software update yet? And also this one has only...
Post #155854990 added 06-24-2022 8:26 AM by shahezad in Deal Talk
I would recommend Samsung Freestyle over this. Much clearer image and also works with power bank on the go. This is not a short throw so you need a good distance for a good size image. Same as the...
Post #155850343 added 06-24-2022 1:44 AM by DarknetScammer in Deal Talk
Thought this was a real 4K projector
Post #155849449 added 06-23-2022 11:15 PM by Meribela_S in Deal Talk
Bought this on Amazon for 699. This is a much better price. I'll be returning mine n saving 100 directly. Will provide pros and cons when I'm not on phone. Highly recommend in short. Edit: now on...
Post #155849137 added 06-23-2022 10:37 PM by SungH in Deal Talk
For $600,There are many other projectors that performs much better. But I guess main selling point of this projector is probably its portability. It is definitely small & light enough to carry...
Post #155844394 added 06-23-2022 5:05 PM by sarcasmogratis in Deal Talk
Lumens: 600 ANSI Light Source: 30,000 Lumens edit: As others have pointed out below, this is NOT 4k. it's bullshit shady shill marketing to put it in the title. it "supports 4k"...by outputting...
Post #155843974 added 06-23-2022 4:38 PM by f12_26 in Deal Talk
wemax.com has the Wemax Go Advanced Ultra-portable 4K Built-in Battery Smart TI DLP Laser Projector at $599 w/ 50% OFF Code: VIP599XY. Shipping is free. Specification: Product Size:...

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