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Post #156329821 added 07-16-2022 2:17 AM by LavenderHealth3450 in Hot Deals
If you are using these cheap ups for your half million dollars equipments, you need to be fired.
Post #155974309 added 06-30-2022 11:16 PM by BerMM2 in Hot Deals
None at Fife WA
Post #155971924 added 06-30-2022 7:39 PM by Slickfeelsonly in Hot Deals
Just picked one up at the Las Vegas Business Center. There were a few left.
Post #155939152 added 06-29-2022 2:03 AM by BerMM2 in Hot Deals
There is no way to know how any given equipment, regardless of cost, will react to a cheap inverter. It is risky.
Post #155939134 added 06-29-2022 1:58 AM by BerMM2 in Hot Deals
Good for you. That doesn't make it a good idea. I've yet to see anything list UPS compatibility in the specs so using anything but true or pure sine wave UPS is a risk. I got lucky and learned this...
Post #155919874 added 06-28-2022 4:38 AM by Styopashka in Hot Deals
Yes, in my experience just about any old power supply will run on simulated sine wave, but the problem is in the change over between house power and UPS. For some reason, and maybe it is the quality...
Post #155916499 added 06-27-2022 9:11 PM by Styopashka in Hot Deals
Point taken, and i don't mean to be so touchy. I've on this site for almost 20 years, and sometimes the rancor gets to me. I see first time posters that are terrified to post because of the heat they...
Post #155908651 added 06-27-2022 1:32 PM by HexiumVII in Hot Deals
Most devices with motors so not do well with simulated sign wave, and microwaves. I heard a few dell power supplies might not work, but haven’t encountered any pc that has problems. All home backup...
Post #155906377 added 06-27-2022 11:29 AM by doboy007 in Hot Deals
Hey, nothing to humble brag about the equipment I didn't pay for, haha. Just mentioning that there's no problem using a simulated wave UPS for expensive ass equipment. Man, you need a thicker skin if...
Post #155899543 added 06-27-2022 4:21 AM by Styopashka in Hot Deals
Thanks, your response is emblematic of all the hate and vitriol I've come to expect from this website. Why do you need to flame a brother for asking a question? All you needed to say was: maybe 5...
Post #155876494 added 06-25-2022 11:41 AM by nyr56 in Hot Deals
I only bought highly rated PSUs, but I don't remember which one had an issue, was probably ~5 years ago. You guys think most desktops today wouldn't have a problem with a simulated sine wave UPS?...
Post #155876332 added 06-25-2022 11:32 AM by gallymimus in Hot Deals
Yes, there were a lot of bad PFC designs on the market for many years. Remember (with the exclusion of PFC behavior on the front end) the front end of a power supply is (effectively) a big...
Post #155876236 added 06-25-2022 11:28 AM by gallymimus in Hot Deals
Only a badly designed power supply with badly implemented power factor correction circuitry needs a pure sine ups.
Post #155875129 added 06-25-2022 10:24 AM by doboy007 in Hot Deals
Ok, maybe not complete FUD but that's not the norm.
Post #155875063 added 06-25-2022 10:19 AM by nyr56 in Hot Deals
It's not FUD - some modern PSUs will not function on a simulated sine wave. My old APC UPS simply would not keep one of my computers on. A pure sine wave UPS fixed this issue. I honestly don't know...
Post #155872918 added 06-25-2022 8:00 AM by doboy007 in Hot Deals
Don't spread FUD. I've been using simulated stuff for over a decade without issues and use several of them to run equipment worth over half million dollars at work. Now, I wonder if other business...
Post #155872780 added 06-25-2022 7:49 AM by bob151 in Hot Deals
So are you’re implying that my seasonic platinum PSU might last 15 years instead of 13 years when plugged into pure sine UPS?
Post #155871886 added 06-25-2022 6:56 AM by sandwich in Hot Deals
Cyberpower regularly changes SKUs so this could just mean a slightly different cyberpower ups is on its way in… or maybe costco got a deal with APC
Post #155871226 added 06-25-2022 6:02 AM by c2nah777 in Hot Deals
Great deal. These are no less than $99.99 on sale at Costco Warehouses. Tip for those not in the know. Closeout prices end in .97 such as this. I have never heard of Costco Business Centers. None in...
Post #155871112 added 06-25-2022 5:48 AM by PaulP6715 in Hot Deals
You and the person you responded to are in agreement. They just forgot the question mark.
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