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Post #155979883 added 07-01-2022 8:32 AM by TaskMaster in Deal Talk
Does the Pro come in a white? Looking for my daughter and would prefer the 500 nit screen.
Post #155963665 added 06-30-2022 11:23 AM by kjvmartin in Deal Talk
I have no familiarity with VR. I'd imagine it's pretty taxing either way, but wonder if you can lower the resolution from native to 1080p on a laptop screen?
Post #155957239 added 06-30-2022 5:04 AM by FrugalAndRich in Deal Talk
If I use it mostly with a VR headset like hp reverb g2, is it better to get the 1080p display to spare some gpu power for the VR headset as the built-in display would require less?
Post #155925787 added 06-28-2022 10:39 AM by kjvmartin in Deal Talk
Good to know, the specs are not accurately reflected on the Walmart page for the QHD display. To me, I would have preferred FHD with G-Sync and Dolby Vision if the QHD was missing those features. ...
Post #155919742 added 06-28-2022 4:25 AM by brotherhafid in Deal Talk
The QHD screen is brighter with better color accuracy at 100% sRGB coverage. You will be interacting with the screen the most, so why not get the best available? Edit: The QHD is a gsync panel...
Post #155913748 added 06-27-2022 6:14 PM by jjgabriel in Deal Talk
$1,267.19 with military discount
Post #155910196 added 06-27-2022 3:01 PM by kjvmartin in Deal Talk
You're going to have a hard time hitting QHD 165Hz with a the laptop version of an RTX 3070. I had a desktop 3070 in a similar spec build and Warzone regularly went below 100fps on QHD, unless...
Post #155905318 added 06-27-2022 10:41 AM by jChuL in Deal Talk
Note this is the Stingray (white) version. If you care for the white color and light blue backlight, go for it as good deals are rare for this specific color palette. Otherwise, get the L5P from...
Post #155905243 added 06-27-2022 10:37 AM by peregrine77 in Deal Talk
For the record, I agree with you, but several comments made it sound like it was the same deal just a better screen for $30 more. To get the same specs with better screen will actually cost closer to...
Post #155904343 added 06-27-2022 9:48 AM by RaiTech in Deal Talk
which you can upgrade as needed, based on sale...can't upgrade the screen.. thats not a fair comparison.
Post #155904310 added 06-27-2022 9:47 AM by peregrine77 in Deal Talk
For honest comparison, it'll cost another $150+ to get the SSD storage up to 2TB. Probably not a factor for everyone, but bears mentioning.
Post #155904214 added 06-27-2022 9:41 AM by brotherhafid in Deal Talk
Go with the walmart 5 pro for the much better screen. ...
Post #155904154 added 06-27-2022 9:39 AM by RaiTech in Deal Talk
Walmart deal is so much better LOL. for the screen alone.
Post #155903398 added 06-27-2022 8:56 AM by WittyReward8533 in Deal Talk
130w Walmart got the Legion 5 Pro with RTX 3070 for $1399 as well
Post #155903248 added 06-27-2022 8:49 AM by DerekTech in Deal Talk
3070 wattage?
Post #155902963 added 06-27-2022 8:33 AM by SeriousFang512 in Deal Talk
Where's the 3 guys who comment I'm an idiot for buying this and saying i should have waited?
Post #155902558 added 06-27-2022 8:14 AM by chaos2751 in Deal Talk
Friendly advice: look at the battery, if you're going to purchase one, get the one with 80wh.
Post #155902486 added 06-27-2022 8:08 AM by Hawaiiana in Deal Talk
1400 not bad. Any Rebates anywhere?
Post #155900869 added 06-27-2022 6:41 AM by Turtile in Deal Talk
Lenovo has 15.6" Lenovo Legion 5 Gen 6 Laptop for $1979.99 - $540 w/ code LEGIONOFFER10 - $72 w/ code JUNEBIGDEAL = $1367.99. Shipping is free. Specs: AMD Ryzen 7 5800H Processor (3.20 GHz, up...

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