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Post #156849985 added 08-08-2022 6:54 PM by crazymonkey1208 in Hot Deals
I never saw it. Did they swap the Trans Am for a Ford Escort?
Post #156847066 added 08-08-2022 3:57 PM by laidbacklarkin in Hot Deals
The Kino Lorber re-issues of all the Universal Clint titles in the 7 movie set - are the KLs remastered ?
Post #156844471 added 08-08-2022 1:28 PM by GreyShoe978 in Hot Deals
I will second the Last Kingdom. It was a very interesting series. And altho the ending was so so (as most are) it ended better than GoT for me.
Post #156802495 added 08-06-2022 2:08 AM by Milk4Ever in Hot Deals
Almost ordered the wrong battlestar galactica! The cheap one is the older original series. I did pick up Caprica on DVD; much cheaper than what prime video is asking for.
Post #156802174 added 08-06-2022 12:44 AM by Milk4Ever in Hot Deals
Different shows about more or less the same era. Vikings is more fantasy, but the last kingdom arguably has better writing and acting.
Post #156798460 added 08-05-2022 7:14 PM by gooneygoogoo in Hot Deals
Well, the 1st one cancels that out, as it's an all time classic.
Post #156798214 added 08-05-2022 6:55 PM by Mat4342 in Hot Deals
The 3rd Smokey and the Bandit movie is one of the worst movies I have ever seen
Post #156798130 added 08-05-2022 6:48 PM by Vossman77 in Hot Deals
I see said the blind man who picked up the hammer and saw
Post #156788653 added 08-05-2022 10:23 AM by rvchamne in Hot Deals
the return on each subsequent saw movie dwindles. The first is great, and at the time was s complete breath of fresh air. There's some fun to be had in the later ones- but they rely more and more...
Post #156784594 added 08-05-2022 6:55 AM by JoeBlo1979 in Hot Deals
Wife and I loved the Last Kingdom other than the last season. We tried 3-4 episodes of Vikings and didn't like it.
Post #156778429 added 08-04-2022 7:24 PM by MellowStag5169 in Hot Deals
GRRM preferred that show to his own, Game if Thrones. I saw the first season, it’s good.
Post #156776785 added 08-04-2022 5:36 PM by WiseLlama2461 in Hot Deals
Finally caved and got Saw. Never saw any (no pun intended), but at
Post #156773098 added 08-04-2022 2:26 PM by Koenn in Hot Deals
Finally caved and got Saw. Never saw any (no pun intended), but at
Post #156772573 added 08-04-2022 1:54 PM by KillJoyEX in Hot Deals
Thanks blind buying The Last Kingdom: The Complete Series (Blu-Ray) $42.39 My brother is watching Vikings and likes it.
Post #156765445 added 08-04-2022 8:17 AM by MAK1981 in Hot Deals
Finally caved and got Saw. Never saw any (no pun intended), but at
Post #156787375 added 08-04-2022 4:15 AM by slickdewmaster in Hot Deals
Gruv.com has Select Blu-ray Movie Collections on sale for prices below when you apply promo code SIGNUP20. Shipping is free. Thanks Deal Editor Discombobulated for sharing this deal Example...
Post #156761551 added 08-04-2022 4:15 AM by Discombobulated in Hot Deals
Gruv For those interested Note, must apply the listed promo code to receive discount in cart. Shipping is free. Blu-Ray Movie Collection Apply promotion code SIGNUP20 in cart for...

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