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Post #156856468 added Today 6:41 AM by kida182001 in Hot Deals
Update: Used this for about a day now. A few annoyances: 1) the keyboard goes to sleep after a little while. I have to tap any button to wake it back up. This is typical for any wireless input...
Post #156853375 added Yesterday 11:39 PM by clearanceoilking84 in Hot Deals
Shows "sold out" ??
Post #156849181 added Yesterday 6:08 PM by V_Splint in Hot Deals
Got one, its not bad at all foe the price. It doesn't have backlit keys.
Post #156842884 added Yesterday 12:03 PM by Lilyly in Hot Deals
good deal. i may just go with the $9.88. i think all they keys are the same size with the $6.90 keyboard. i didnt sub my $6.90 keyboard. plenty of them instock around me.
Post #156841606 added Yesterday 10:59 AM by Nomadicthoughts in Hot Deals
Received the substituted $9.88 wireless onn keyboard. Quality is decent but this thing is tiny and very cramped to type I don't hate it but I really do wish it was a few cm wider
Post #156824269 added 08-07-2022 10:53 AM by Mr.PinkWolf in Hot Deals
Quick first day review. The keyboard quality looks and feels really good actually. I was not expecting much at $7 otd, but it’s good. I surprisingly really like the layout and key travel is...
Post #156819022 added 08-07-2022 1:04 AM by vsauce in Hot Deals
The aluminum keyboard looks designed for Mac/iOS and has a weird layout with small backspace, enter, shift keys. It is also lies completely flat
Post #156818968 added 08-07-2022 12:58 AM by KobeBryant824 in Hot Deals
Did anyone else get a different product than what was in the picture in the listing? Apparently it was the other one that was posted in this thread:...
Post #156817366 added 08-06-2022 8:50 PM by max1001 in Hot Deals
Your whole argument is based on the fact these will break within a year like you can predict the future. Do you even own this product or you are just trolling?
Post #156817225 added 08-06-2022 8:36 PM by Slimeyface in Hot Deals
I am advocating for people to buy higher quality & proven products instead of shoddy garbage that perpetuates the cycle of manufacturing to end up going straight into a landfill. How you perceive...
Post #156817072 added 08-06-2022 8:21 PM by tropicalb in Hot Deals
Walmart+ screwed up again. This time it was "Rolando" who made a mistake. Package was delivered 3 hours ago (I saw Walmart emailed me), but no one knocked during delivery and my doorbell video...
Post #156816805 added 08-06-2022 7:55 PM by max1001 in Hot Deals
You are telling me not to clutter my life with a buetooth kb. Take your holier than thou attitude out of this place.
Post #156816715 added 08-06-2022 7:49 PM by Slimeyface in Hot Deals
Im surprised at your response, given that you’re not new here. Crappy products are everywhere on this site (more so than ever before) and the user inputs on perspectives are what make this site...
Post #156816640 added 08-06-2022 7:45 PM by max1001 in Hot Deals
Because I can use it other devices as well? And why the fark are you telling ppl how to live their life on SD?
Post #156816493 added 08-06-2022 7:34 PM by Slimeyface in Hot Deals
Because those items have longevity in mind (with less moving parts and no electronic components). You use them far more over the course of your life than shoddy disposable electronics. But sure,...
Post #156816412 added 08-06-2022 7:30 PM by Dwhizzle in Hot Deals
Because it makes those 10 minutes FAR easier for me. Why own anything you’re not using constantly then? By that logic, why own a dining table if you only use it a few minutes a day? Why own any...
Post #156816373 added 08-06-2022 7:26 PM by Slimeyface in Hot Deals
That’s entirely my point: why get excess junk to clutter your life if you’re only using it to type a few words periodically? Just use the on-screen keyboard for very intermittent typing.
Post #156816349 added 08-06-2022 7:23 PM by Slimeyface in Hot Deals
Have you never used a Cheap keyboard before? Not to be rude, but you have made an profoundly absurd statement. Go get yourself a proper expensive model and compare it to this, then say that...
Post #156815191 added 08-06-2022 5:46 PM by KobeBryant824 in Hot Deals
They never charged me anything and I’m just a regular Walmart account. It’s curbside pickup too
Post #156814081 added 08-06-2022 4:28 PM by jothmas in Hot Deals
I got it today and have tested it with an iPad Mini on the first channel and old Windows tablet on the second channel. I like it. The keys feel better than two other compact bluetooth keyboards I...
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