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Post #157048756 added 08-17-2022 6:39 PM by shoemackler in Deal Talk
I like it, but not in love with it lol. I'm sure there's better (stronger) out there but for the cost its my go to. Most of my experience has been using it at full strength. I've only recently used...
Post #156993742 added 08-15-2022 9:33 AM by datamunk in Deal Talk
seems dead, coming up 42.49 for me. Was excited, everytime i wash my passport i want to take the wheels off to clean the inside of the wheel but thats not practicle. Womp womp
Post #156992152 added 08-15-2022 8:00 AM by ugabuga in Deal Talk
Any deals for tire shine products?
Post #156991216 added 08-15-2022 6:53 AM by DavidD6012 in Deal Talk
How do you find the P&S? I used it 1:1 and it took me 4 passes of agitation on the tires to get rid of browning.
Post #156878089 added 08-09-2022 9:09 PM by shoemackler in Deal Talk
this is a quality wheel cleaner, and getting it by the gallon is awesome if you go through the single bottles. I'd jump on this if i wasn't halfway through a gallon of p&s.
Post #156875320 added 08-09-2022 6:47 PM by KabirK6043 in Deal Talk
Adams is a local company here in Colorado and they make great stuff 👍🏾
Post #156873877 added 08-09-2022 5:19 PM by Jimmyqballs in Deal Talk
30 bucks for a gallon of any good wheel cleaner is a good deal so, good deal i used to use this diluted 1:1 since I washed my car every few weeks and it worked fine
Post #156850102 added 08-08-2022 8:00 PM by ShiZero in Deal Talk
I ended up staining the crap out of a set of wheels using Meguiar's wheel cleaner solution, and while it was entirely my fault, ever since I've been really hesitant to use anything but degreaser and...
Post #156849541 added 08-08-2022 7:28 PM by zheka160 in Deal Talk
Probably they don't know the product. This was on my price drop list because I bought their 12oz bottle before, and no joke it worked amazing. Better than anything I bought before at local stores.
Post #156847603 added 08-08-2022 5:34 PM by JosephJ7206 in Deal Talk
Why thumbs down this deal? This brand makes quality products and buying in bulk saves a ton of money. This is essentially 70% off compared to buying the pint bottles. Many of the reviews state how...
Post #156844378 added 08-08-2022 2:24 PM by zheka160 in Deal Talk
ELIMINATES DIRT, BROWNING, AND BRAKE DUST - Which part of your car takes the biggest beating? Your wheels & Tires! Between the heat, elements, and constant brake contaminants your wheels are almost...

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